ScrumbleShip 0.20 released the spaceship building game
Posted by , 28 January 2013 at 2:37 pm UTC / 6283 views
ScrumbleShip - It's got voxels, heat simulation, kilometer long spaceships, real world materials, organic ships, and awesome music. Eventually, it's going to have AI crew, multiplayer, inertia, planets, and more.

This really is a major release, packing in so many new features and fixes!

The two main major features added:
Ships can now move!
Added transparency for blocks (and they twinkle), so you can now actually make windows
Should work better on open source drivers

Along with the two major features there have been masses of fixes, new rendering engines and much more!

Get the demo:

ScrumbleShip was Kickstarted back in October of last year so it's great to see such a major release come out!

Still to come:
  • Persistent open world multiplayer
  • Asteroid mining
  • Simulated collisions, hull strain, and deformation.
  • An AI crew that mines, builds and fights for you
  • Organic ships that need food and can heal damage
  • Many fun Ship weapons

We also have a Release Calendar, be sure to check it out.

Remember, never buy a game until the Linux version is confirmed to be out and playable.

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