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Welcome to the Wiki! This will hopefully be the Linux gamers' guide to all things for Linux games. The wiki is open for anyone (registered) to edit. Please use this power wisely, it's open to encourage everyone to pitch in and help :).

Here is the big list! They can be from any crowdfunding website. Game Engines are allowed too. Anything Linux gaming related on the desktop (so no Android stuff).

Read#1: The Minimum Pledge Amount is for the pledge to get a copy of the game in some way or if it's a free game to get something in game at least. If there are no game-related perks at all then just the actual minimum pledge for something they give you.

Read#2: Anything playable on a computer running Linux is accepted (e.g. HTML5/Flash/browser-based games are OK too). If you disagree on this or any other aspect of this page, or just want to suggest something, please refer to this forum thread and have your say.



Name Game Genre GoL Article Minimum Pledge Total Goal Stretch Required? Campaign Launch Deadline Playable content
(previous campaign)
First-person Horror Adventure $15 $5,000 No 26 Jul 2014 31 Aug 2014
(previous campaign)
Action RPG $10 $30,000 No 21 Feb 2014 None
Heavy Gear Assault Action TFC#03 $15 $900,000 No* (there are some doubts about Linux support) 22 Jun 2013 None
Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty
(previous campaign)
Point&Click Adventure $20 $75,000 No 18 Jul 2014 11 Sep 2014
Lands of Hope Redemption
(previous campaign)
RPG $10 $7,000 No* (Browser) 11 May 2014 None
Neo's Land
(previous campaign)
MMORPG $25 Unlimited No 3 Oct 2013 None
NOWHERE Procedural Single-player Open-world Sandbox TFC#22 $21 $160,000 No 20 Sep 2013 None
Plee the Bear Platformer TFC#11 1€ 476.91€ No 20 Jul 2013 None Latest version source code
Starbound Sandbox Beta Announcement $15 Unlimited No 13 Apr 2013 None
Tomb of Tyrants
(previous campaign)
(Linux support stretch goal achieved)
Dungeon-defense Puzzler $5 $1,500 $2,000 12 Jul 2014 3 Aug 2014 Pre-alpha demo

Funding Completed


In Development


Funding Failed


In Development/Still Possible


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