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Welcome to the Wiki! This will hopefully be the Linux gamers guide to all things for Linux games. To combat spam you need to register to edit anything.

Games Lists

  • List of crowdfunding games - Crowdfunding is a way for everyone to help make an idea become a reality by pledging their money towards a target in return for a reward, like a copy of a game.
  • Humble Bundle Games - A list of Linux games Humble have, with indicators to show if they have a Linux version on Steam or not.
  • Open Source Games - Free and Open Source games that support Linux.
  • Open Source Game Engines List - Open source game engines for titles that do not have official Linux versions.
  • Unreleased Ports - Promised Linux ports that are currently missing in action.
  • Games worth your bucks - Attempt to crowd-source a list of good Linux games.

Developers Info

This is aimed at being a list of game engines and technology which supports you building Linux games within.

  • Game Engines - Aimed at developers to find a game engine they can build a game with that supports Linux.

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