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What game are you truly thankful to have on Linux & SteamOS?

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I've asked you what number one game you want to have on Linux, but what about games we already have? What is the number one game that you are truly thankful to have on Linux right now?

That last question was tough, but boy is this one difficult.

Honestly, for me it has to be Rocket League. It sure did take a while to actually arrive on Linux, but the wait was more than worth it.

I'm genuinely scared to load the game due to fear of not doing any actual work. It's a fantastic game to grab a few people together, kick back with a rum and coke and just play-ball.

It's a great game for our livestreams too, since it's another game that enables us to get the community involved, it has so many uses!

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rkfg 23 Dec, 2016
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That's a good and tough question. Just by my playtime it's obviously Natural Selection 2, but that's my own daily dose of heroin. What I'm really grateful to have on Linux, that made an impact on me, are:
- Bioshock Infinite
- Life is Strange
- Dying Light
- Factorio
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Tomb Raider

It's hard to tell which one I liked most, they all have so good stories and stylish visuals! I think without these games my Linux gaming experience would be a totally different thing.
Guest 23 Dec, 2016
Dying light.
Teodosio 23 Dec, 2016
Paradox Games: Europa, Crusader, Stellaris, Hearts. They should call them 'by pros, for pros'.
autonomouse 23 Dec, 2016
Without a doubt, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Most fun I've had on linux since Skyrim back when I used to use wine.

Honourable mentions go to Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin and XCOM2
drvictor666 23 Dec, 2016
Shadow of Mordor, Dying Light, Tomb Raider
soulsource 23 Dec, 2016
That's really a hard question. Luckily my two favorite games of all time are available on Linux, it's just so hard to pick a favorite...
As one of them is still early access, I'll pick the other one, that has been officially released last year:
Kerbal Space Program.

I cannot say how many hours I spent playing it, but it might very well be a 4-digit number...

I could list all other games that I really loved to play on Linux, but the list would be immense.
Feist 23 Dec, 2016
Well, since crpg:s have always been my favorite type of game, I'll have to go with the bunch of well polished party-based crpg:s available: BG:EE 1&2, PoE, Tyranny, the Shadowrun-titles and a few others.

Sure, I love Dying Light, Stellaris, Civ V and several other prominent titles but without the bunch of role playing games mentioned above...staying on Linux would probably not be an option for me and I'd have to grudgingly crawl back to "spyware-r-us" operating system.
coryrj19951 23 Dec, 2016
Mad Max. I almost bought it so many times for the PS4 when I heard it wasn't being ported. Now I think I have about ~26 hours in it and still not close to being done.
pete910 23 Dec, 2016
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Ben D 23 Dec, 2016
As a lover of tactical strategy, I am most thankful for the XCOM series. If I had the money to get it, BLades of the Shogun would probably be up there as well (the demo was great)
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The comments on this article are closed.