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Parkitect from developer Texel Raptor is a true shining beacon on how to get Early Access done right. It's officially out, right now!

The release comes with the campaign we've been waiting for and it's a truly delightful experience, just like I expected. It also offers up a tutorial now, so if you were having issues with any part of it before, it certainly now eases you in a lot better. The full release also comes with performance improvements, new goals, new basic coaster blueprints and so much more.

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After spending my youth playing games like Theme Park, this feels like a game I've been waiting for. Obviously it's also heavily inspired by games like RollerCoaster Tycoon too and it's definitely one for a modern audience.

I've enjoyed jumping in here and there in the sandbox mode for sure. The insane attention to detail in Parkitect deserves a round of applause. It has such a wonderful mix of features, to allow you to be really rather creative while also keeping you focused on making a park that works and keeps visitors happy. If you want to that is, money can even be turned off in the sandbox mode to really do what you want.

For those who perhaps struggle to be creative with designing wild coaster rides, the blueprint feature is brilliant too. It allows you to place down customisable pre-made sets, which look awesome and allows you to edit them. You can download other designs too, from the Steam Workshop for example. There's so many things like that, which make it a great game for all types of players.

If you were sitting on the fence, pondering getting it then seriously just hop on over and grab it. I absolutely adore it and I imagine you will too. Available from: Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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GustyGhost 29 Nov, 2018
Let's all take a moment to appreciate that this developer has demonstrated an IQ above 80 by correctly labeling Windows as "Windows", and not as "PC".
Sir_Diealot 29 Nov, 2018
Can't say anything yet about the game proper, but don't get it if you have a minimum requirements machine.

On a system that's roughly minimum specs it runs but is practically unplayable, definitely not enjoyable. I tested it just now on a Laptop running Ubuntu (mate or somesuch) from 2011 with i3 (Sandy Bridge), dedicated Nvidia card and 4 GB of memory. I suspect the memory is the main issue and it starts swapping. The game takes about 5 minutes to start and 15 to close, everything is super sluggish.
ryad 29 Nov, 2018
That's super cool! Actually I own that game since one of the first betas (or was it even alphas?) and it was adorable back then, yet a little bit unstable. When the early access was released on Steam I already had about 15h of game play but lost interest since there was no real challenge because of the sandbox style.

But now there finally is a real campaign! I'm going to fire that thing up again and looking forward :)

Edit: Wow, there certainly is a lot of progress since then! Unfortunately, I encounter some graphical issues (black flickering) on Mesa 18.3-rc4 right now.

Last edited by ryad on 29 November 2018 at 10:44 pm UTC
14 29 Nov, 2018
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  • Supporter Plus
Added to wish list. I think my kids would love it. I'm sure I'd like it as well, it's just that I'm subscribed to EVE right now.
Kimyrielle 30 Nov, 2018
I got this game back then when it was available for the first time. No regrets. It's a really cute, well-made game. These guys are more professional than many big-name studios.
emphy 30 Nov, 2018
Patiently waiting for the drm-free humble version to be updated...

Edit: woohoo, it got released, downloading now.

Last edited by emphy on 1 December 2018 at 12:43 pm UTC
theghost 30 Nov, 2018
I waited for a true spiritual successor of Rollercoaster Tycoon 1+2 for a long time.
Often I ended up firing up OpenRCT and playing the good old games.
I had Parkitect for a long long time on my wishlist but always hold back buying it because it was sandbox only.

After they announced 1.0 and the release date I bought it and waited until yesterday.
This game is so great. The tutorial and campaign is really nice designed.

I really hope they have success with the game and we see some more DLCs from the developer.
Beamboom 30 Nov, 2018
Purchased solely based on this article, Liam! That's the kind of power you have now... ;-)

Ran like a dream on my 780gtx. It's been ages since I played something like this. Looks great too, it has that "right look" for the genre. Love it so far, it has everything one expect it to have. In spades.

Last edited by Beamboom on 30 November 2018 at 7:34 am UTC
Lycurgus87 30 Nov, 2018
Currently my favorite game. <3 ^_^ <3 Its a little nostalgia from RC2 and lot of WOW THATS's AWESOME!!! This game truly have a soul. If you played Planet Coaster (which is gorgeous), but was meh and a strange feeling bugs you that something missing (yeah thats the soul) then try this you wont gonna regret it.

Last edited by Lycurgus87 on 30 November 2018 at 8:38 am UTC
dpanter 30 Nov, 2018
Old time RCT fan here, been following Parkitect for a long time and watching dev streams now and then. Pure awesomeness. I'm thinking about buying a copy for my sister too just because! :D
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