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You're no longer just a Graveyard Keeper and a Priest all in one, you're now also in charge of building and running your own tavern in the Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins expansion. Note: DLC key from the publisher.

They also put out a release trailer, since we had nothing more than screenshots and a few bullet points before the release:

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It's a lot more of the same doing little tasks but the additional story content and chattier characters certainly makes it feel a little less lonely. It's a good game even without the DLC. Easy enough to grab a gamepad, sit back and relax while you fix everything up.

Stranger Sins features:

  • The DLC is 6-12 hours long, with dozens of new quests
  • Build and run your own tavern. Finally you will have your own bar!
  • Arrange the Rat Race and Stand-up events.
  • Learn the backstory of Graveyard Keeper

How to actually access the expansion content? There's two ways of doing it. If you've already finished, go speak to Gerry (the talkative skull with bad jokes) and he will ask you to dig up a box of cognac to begin. If you're early on in the game, make sure you give Gerry some Wine and then you will get the task to dig up the cognac to begin it.

There are two minor issues to note: when you go through the wheat fields at certain times your FPS will get cut in half and sometimes the screen seems to stutter when moving around. Neither have been too often for me though.

A game to pretty much zone-out with. It's easy going, doesn't take a lot of attention and yet still pulls you in for a great many hours. Worth picking up? Yep.

On top of the DLC release, a patch also went up with these adjustments:

  • Now you will see visual notifications when a new corpse arrives.
  • Available ability to automate grapes and hops growing.
  • You can assign zombies to carry grapes and hops to the house basement.
  • New zombie-brewery and zombie-winery added.
  • Added missing character voices
  • Added light from windows in rooms
  • Added a list of all tutorial windows, and now you can see them at any time.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Improved performance and optimization.

You can pick up the expansion on GOG and Steam.

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LosButch 30 Oct, 2019
Had a really good time with this game, so definitely getting this :-)

Their steam page says "6-12 hours of extra gameplay" so perhaps your text is a bit outdated?

The frame drop in the wheat fields has been a problem since I first played it. Fortunately you mostly just need to walk through it, so not really a problem. It's a weird one though.
Liam Dawe 30 Oct, 2019
Quoting: LosButchTheir steam page says "6-12 hours of extra gameplay" so perhaps your text is a bit outdated?
Typical, publisher's press info not matching up with what the developer said on their own store page <_< - edited.
slaapliedje 30 Oct, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
I should play more of this, it's definitely enjoyable.
14 30 Oct, 2019
I thought it was too much like Stardew Valley when the original game came out. Now, I feel like I need to get it.
razing32 31 Oct, 2019
I actually want to buy this
I have the base game on GOG
But their site wont load the login form :><:
WorMzy 31 Oct, 2019
Quoting: 14I thought it was too much like Stardew Valley when the original game came out. Now, I feel like I need to get it.

It definitely had that sort of vibe from the promotional material leading up to release, but it's never actually felt like Stardew (to me anyway). Farming is definitely not a focus of the game -- your involvement is literally just picking what seeds to plant, and then coming back once the crop is ready for harvest. You don't have to water the seeds/plants, and there's no seasons so you don't have to pick seeds based on that restriction/deal with dead crops. TBH I hardly touched farming until I needed to complete a certain questline, and since zombies got added, I've just turned it into a semi-automated money maker.
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The comments on this article are closed.