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Steam Play Proton 5.0-8 has a Release Candidate up for testing

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Today, CodeWeavers developer Andrew Eikum put up a first Release Candidate for Steam Play Proton 5.0-8.

Need more info on what Steam Play is? See our dedicated page.

With an aim for gathering feedback and finding issues in the new release, to then push it out for everyone later if testing goes well. It has some major improvements in it but like with previous Proton RC releases, it's subject to change and some updates can be removed.

Here's the current Proton 5.0-8 RC major changes:

  • Dramatically improve loading times for Streets of Rage 4. This currently requires that you manually enable the PROTON_NO_WRITE_WATCH runtime option.
  • Performance improvements for DOOM Eternal, Detroit: Become Human, and We Happy Few.
  • Support latest Steam SDKs, which may fix various games such as Scrap Mechanic, and Mod and Play.
  • Update wine-mono from 4.9.4 to 5.0.1, which should fix some games like Fight 'n Rage and Woolfe, among other things.
  • Update DXVK from v1.6.1 to v1.7, FAudio from 20.03 to 20.06 and pulled in latest vkd3d
  • On KDE, games being fullscreen should no longer prevent alt-tabbing out of the game.
  • Improve gstreamer performance.

The KDE issue in particular will be nice to see solved, currently I've had to ALT+drag games to a different screen to get around the ALT+TAB issue.

Plenty of bug fixes came with the RC too like:

  • Fix crashes in Detroit: Become Human, Planet Zoo, Jurassic World: Evolution, Unity of Command II, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.
  • Fix crash on launch in STEINS;GATE 0 (note that if you have modified the game's files to work around this crash previously, you may need to re-validate the game files in your Steam client to restore functionality).
  • Fix missing network ping times in some multiplayer games like Path of Exile and Wolcen.
  • Fix external links in Lords Mobile.
  • Fix crash on launch in TOXIKK.
  • Fix WRC 7 crash when using a steering wheel controller. Note that some force-feedback effects may require a kernel >= 5.7.
  • Fix error when starting a read-only custom Proton deployment.

Want to try it out? Keep in mind the name of the build won't change. You can do so by opting into the Beta for it on Steam. You do this by right clicking on Proton 5.0 in your Steam Library, going into Properties and then the Beta tab. Like shown below:

You can post all feedback on the Proton 5.0-8 RC in the official post.

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F.Ultra Jun 3, 2020
View PC info
  • Supporter
Wonder what the fix for Splinter Cell Blacklist is, cannot find any closed bugs for it on their github.
freakzen Jun 3, 2020
QuoteFix crashes in Detroit: Become Human, Planet Zoo, Jurassic World: Evolution, Unity of Command II, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Wow! Jurassic World: Evolution finally starts!? Have to try that later.

Update: It starts and is playable! :D

Last edited by freakzen on 3 June 2020 at 3:49 pm UTC
kibasnowpaw Jun 3, 2020
I'm a ubuntu 20.04 User. And to see this update really made me happy. I have taken a step back from Linux since I got a new pc and forgot to order an SSD for my Ubuntu OS, so it's installed on a 1TB blue WD HDD, and its a pain in the ass to use! If anyone has ever used a 5400 RPM HDD, would know what I'm talking about. The SSD is on its way as soon i have it in my system i will fire upon Ubuntu gaming again right now I'm playing on Win 10 until i get it.

My Live Youtube Channel.
I can confirm Proton 5.0-8 RC fixes Fightn' Rage. It now runs out of the box.

Tested on Manjaro 20.0.2 KDE and Mesa 20.0.7.
slapin Jun 3, 2020
  • Supporter Plus
And still no GTAV and RDR2 :(
SuperTux Jun 3, 2020
JWE now runs, as well as Planet Zoo! :)

Last edited by SuperTux on 3 June 2020 at 4:36 pm UTC
kean Jun 3, 2020
Quoting: slapinAnd still no GTAV and RDR2 :(
Just use Lutris - lutris-fshack-5.7-x86_64
Beamboom Jun 3, 2020
Quoting: slapinAnd still no GTAV and RDR2 :(

I play gta5 with no issues whatsoever, have done so for a long time now! Everything works including online play. What's your problem with it?
Kelvinhbo 3 years Jun 3, 2020
Alt tabbing in KDE is still not resolved, on some games my entire Desktop environment crashes if I try to alt tab during a game or try to resize or change resolutions. but I figured a way to fix this issue for every game, you will be able to alt tab and resize any game if you do this. first create a window rule on KDE settings for all windows negating the keep above/below rule that Proton defaults to.

Then via protontricks --gui select your game and run winecfg, on the graphics tab uncheck Allow the window manager to decorate the windows, this part has to be done for every game. do this and you wont have any problems alt tabbing/minimizing/resizing your games, don't know why Proton doesn't do this by default.

KDE Settings

Last edited by Kelvinhbo on 3 June 2020 at 6:01 pm UTC
Lolo01 Jun 3, 2020
Use the borderless windowed mode rather than full screen when the option is present, ALT-TAB should work.
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The comments on this article are closed.