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What have you been playing lately? It's chat time

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Wow, the end of another week over here in the surprisingly hot and sunny UK. Perfect weather to be sat inside playing games and there's been plenty of that here.

Thanks to the news of Celeste coming to Stadia, I was reminded of the fact that Celeste was in the recent charity bundle so I've been able to give it a thorough go after only previously playing it at a friends PC. I already liked it a lot but now I've sunk plenty more hours into it I'm totally blown away by it. It's truly no surprise to me now why it has amassed such a following, like on Steam where it has over twenty thousand views an an overall Overwhelmingly Positive rating.

For the Linux version, Celeste appears to be another example of a finely tuned experience with no issues encountered for me at all. If you've not tried Celeste yet, do give it a go. Getting those darn Strawberries has become my most painful mission, like the time I caught a particularly tricky one after 30 minutes of failed attempts only for my thumb to slip off the gamepad stick at a vital step afterwards…

It really does get intense and actually managing to catch each one feels so good. Difficult? Absolutely. However, it's pretty much the perfected experience of challenging platforming with lovely pixel-art and beautiful audio to top it off. If you don't own Celeste you can grab it from, Humble Store and Steam.

Over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux recently? Have a chat in the comments.

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Koopacabras Jul 12, 2020
I've finished Desperados 1
Spoiler, click me

And finished State of Mind

Spoiler, click me

jarhead_h Jul 12, 2020
Get to the Orange Door. I have yet to get to a single orange door. Have died a lot, though.
chorn Jul 12, 2020
I rediscovered and played "Portal 2" and "The Talos Principle". The PS4 controller works nicely with these, I use no mouse here on this Thinkpad, and while I love "the nipple" of Thinkpads, it's awful for 3rd person games.
TobyGornow Jul 12, 2020
FTL, and for the first time after lots and lots of tries, I arrived in the sector 8 and wrecked the final boss with the Kestrel. Love this game.

Ion Fury, started all over again since my saves weren't recognized anymore, they were present on the disk but "Obsolete" as stated by the game. This game is so good don't know why I stopped playing it.
Raaben Jul 13, 2020
I think I might be starting to get sucked into DOTA2. Please send help.
Gazoche Jul 13, 2020
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I've spent 20+ hours last week on Hades and had an absolute blast. I already loved all previous Supergiant games, but they really knocked it out of the park this time. Great gameplay, great visuals, great soundtrack, excellent writing, and a seemingly endless amount of content despite the game still being in Early Access.

The voice acting in particular deserves a mention. In the patch notes, Supergiant said they recorded over 17000 voice lines for this game and honestly I believe it. It's just crazy. Even after 20 hours I'm still finding new dialogue and I've hardly heard any voice line repeated twice. It's rare to see that much effort put into a AAA game, and unheard of for an indie.

Sadly, we still don't know if a native Linux version is in the works (all their previous games had one). They said they're looking into "other platforms" but made no promises. The game is pretty much click&play with Proton though. It can get a bit stutterry in some of the most intense boss fights, but hard to say if it's due to Proton or the game itself.

Last edited by Gazoche on 13 July 2020 at 12:41 am UTC
Hamish Jul 13, 2020
Wanted something familiar so I am doing an Ultra-Violence run of The Ultimate Doom through Crispy Doom at the moment.

It is honestly easier than these screenshots might suggest.

Last edited by Hamish on 13 July 2020 at 1:19 am UTC
drmoth Jul 13, 2020
Mostly Everspace, I've almost maxed out the upgrades and then I'll try and do a final run, although on the weekend I gave the more recent Star Wars: Battlefront 2 a whirl. It's not perfect, but definitely playable and fun.

Currently playing through Trine 2 coop as well, that's loads of fun. We finished Trine 1 and had a blast, so it's great to come back to this world.
TheRiddick Jul 13, 2020
I haven't been playing much. I have been messing with Fallout4 under Linux with ModOrganizer2 a bit, still some bugs to figure out.

I've been thinking about playing Shadow Tactics game which has a Linux port, might be good.

As a off-topic question if anyone knows, I have a B350 mobo atm and a B550 upgrade coming soon, does anyone know of any issues just swapping mobo out? is there any Linux B550 chipset issues or work arounds I need to know about?

PS. I really want to be able to play the Quest VR headset under Linux.. maybe one day.

Last edited by TheRiddick on 13 July 2020 at 2:36 am UTC
toojays Jul 13, 2020
Quoting: TheRiddickI've been thinking about playing Shadow Tactics game which has a Linux port, might be good.
It's a great game. Highly recommended. If you've any doubt, there's a free demo which is basically the tutorial mission IIRC.

Personally I've gotten back into The Witcher 3. I actually started playing it last April, but drifted away for some reason. I picked it up again on Switch recently, and am really enjoying it. Turned the difficulty all the way down so I can just enjoy the ambience and story. This port has save game sync capability to both the Steam and GoG clouds, but you need all the DLC. Faced with the choice of paying $14 for the DLC on GoG or buying the GotY edition on Steam for $24 I went with the latter, it fits my "workflow" (gameflow?) better. Witcher 3 on the couch via Steam Link until Mrs wants the lights turned up for her reading, then move to the bedroom and continue it on the Switch. Grand.

That said, I'm currently playing the quest where I'm looking for Dandelion, and I just did the interrogation with Whoreson Junior. Wow, there's some over the top gratuitous violence leading up to that, just in case we have any doubts about Whoreson Junior's character. Yuck. It reminded me a bit of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels, where the bad guys are often horribly sadistic. I get it, he's a baddie, I don't want all the details before bed time.
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