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GOL asks: what are you playing? Come chat

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As another week comes to a close it's time to have a chat with the GOL readership about what you're all playing lately, come and let us know.

This week saw the release of the absolutely magical Spiritfarer. I can't get over how wonderful a game it is, fully deserving of all the praise it has been receiving. Taking care of spirits, while doing a little building and crafting on your fancy boat while also giving out hugs to those spirits that need it. Absolute joy.

Spiritfarer is just so lovely, we're going to need Sin to livestream it I think. Keep an eye on our Twitch Channel for that. Although, with 7 Days to Die Alpha 19 being out it's going to be difficult to tear Sin away from it.

Quite a bit of my own personal time has also been testing out NVIDIA GeForce NOW. It's another game streaming service, which recently opened up to Chromebooks / ChromeOS in the browser so it works on Linux too. You can see a video of Fortnite running here as another example. It's certainly an interesting service but I still personally much prefer Stadia technically speaking, as I find it just works much better overall but I won't deny how good NVIDA did the game access side of things by it using existing accounts for people. Over the next many years, it will be very interesting to see all these cloud services fight for users.

I've also personally continued playing Orcs Must Die! 3 on Stadia with a partner, the huge battleground battles are just so much fun it's ridiculous. Getting to launch catapults at hundreds of Orcs, while another is running around hacking away at them is quite a sight.

As a reminder of some deals going:

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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Tchey Aug 22, 2020
I cannot... stop... playing Daggerfall Unity.
I launch... any other game... i think... i want... to go back to Tamriel.
It’s been... about two weeks.
Must... stop...
Can... not...
GermainZ Aug 22, 2020
I've been playing Dark Souls (Remastered) for about two weeks now. Surprisingly, I'm enjoying it quite a lot, despite my habit of avoiding challenging games as it's usually a bore.

The map design is one of the best I've seen in a game. The ways the different areas connect to one another and feel like part of a single world is pretty cool.

When it comes to the difficulty, it reminds me a lot of older games I used to play on the PS2 and PC. It's a lot like a puzzle action game -- you gotta figure out the enemies to be able to bring them down.

There are frustrating parts too (e.g. poor camera, checkpoints that are tediously far from bosses, some poorly designed areas, frustratingly broken PvP unless you're a veteran who's familiar with the bugs and exploits), but it's been a great experience so far.
mrdeathjr Aug 22, 2020
testing some things with wine off course

Last edited by mrdeathjr on 23 August 2020 at 2:58 pm UTC
fagnerln Aug 22, 2020
A lot of CSGO and finishing Freedom Planet. And I discovered some interesting things:

Games on twitch prime are drm free, so I set up an VM to download the games, and run it on Lutris. I have a lot of games on it as they give about of 5 games/month to prime members.

Some Linux games on GoG can't run anymore as it uses outdated libs, needing expertise to set the environment. As they don't support Linux in their Galaxy client (don't even allow to download). I'll never buy anything on GoG, until they support us like we deserve. Steam > GoG, f*** this DRM philosophy.
Acrophobic Aug 22, 2020
For the last few days I've been playing Factorio demo. I've only heard good things about Factorio and their Friday blog is always interesting to read. However, I only dare to watch it from afar within safe distance, because:
  • I don't really like the tower defense element in game.
  • I've read most of Factorio gameplay consists of building, finding issue, optimizing and refactoring. That hit too close to my job.
  • I've read that it's really addictive and hard to put down.

Now, since they reach v1.0 I thought the least I could do is to play the demo properly. The result: I've been played it for 10 hours, wondering how to improve my factory. It's more addictive than I thought, and I never expected their demo will be this long.
Avehicle7887 Aug 22, 2020
Got back to dying in Dead Cells, it has been a while since last I played it and there's been huge amount of content since then.
Vasya Sovari Aug 22, 2020
Recently finished the Wolfenstein series (New Order and Old Blood were great, New Colossus was dreadful), now playing through the new Tomb Raiders and Batmans. I'm seriously impressed with Tomb, which is a nice surprise as I had zero time for the original games. Batman isn't quite doing it for me, though. I also bought Dying Light Enhanced this morning, since I'm trying to specifically support Linux developers
Xpander Aug 22, 2020
DiRT Rally 2.0 - Since kernel 5.8 that added missing pieces to G920 kernel driver, it works now out of box with it, without the need of beramas ffbwrap tool. Runs really good also, constantly 100+ fps @1440p with vkbasalt sharpness added on top.

Warhammer Online (Return of Reckoning server) - This just my go to PvP MMORPG.

also i played a bit Surviving the Aftermath - sadly its not on steam atm, but it will eventually come there. Runs great under wine/DXVK
tmtvl Aug 22, 2020
Playing with GNU Guile, working my way through SICP. It's like learning how to program after years of doing everything completely wrong.
gradyvuckovic Aug 22, 2020
Nothing but Fall Guys.

It's so weirdly addictive.

Aside from that, do Godot and Blender count? I mean, they're on Steam.
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The comments on this article are closed.