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Linux Mint 20.1 released, will be supported until 2025

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Linux Mint 20.1 has now been officially released, and this is an LTS version which means it will be supported for quite some time until 2025. Plenty of time to get comfy with Linux.

Coming in three official flavours you can pick between the Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce desktop environments all supported by the Mint team directly. Cinnamon being Mint's own flagship desktop environment, which saw lots of attention this release including some big performance improvements and less resource use with 4K.

Pictured - Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon edition.

As of this release you will also see their brand new Hypnotix IPTV player, which comes with the Free-IPTV provider by default. There's also their very useful looking Web Apps manager, allowing you to turn any website into what almost looks like an actual dedicated desktop application with its own window and icon. Not just new applications though, lots of other improvements to be found throughout the entire release. Here's some of the highlights:

  • Better Flatpak support
  • Percentage in the sound volume OSD
  • The option to always show the panel when the menu is open
  • Scrolling in the window-quick-list applet
  • Configurable scrolling direction in the workspace-switcher-applet
  • The ability to assign a keybinding to mute the microphone
  • Zstd support in nemo-fileroller
  • Tiff support and PDF page numbers in nemo-media-columns
  • Thumbnails for files up to 64GB in nemo

Linux Mint also continues to block the Snap store by default, due to issues the Mint leadership have with how the Snap system is being handled. Since on Ubuntu the Chromium browser is a forced Snap package, the Mint team are now also packaging Chromium for Mint themselves.

See more on the Linux Mint website. Here's quick links for the release notes:

Is Linux Mint a good choice for Linux gaming? Well, we know plenty of people using it who are very happy with it. Accessible for beginners due to the traditional interface and setup, with plenty of room for power users to do whatever they want. Based upon Ubuntu too, it makes things easy when you need to get a little help.

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BielFPs Jan 8, 2021
I miss Cinnamon
dibz Jan 8, 2021
I'm honestly not sure on the good choice for gamers thing. I mostly game on my HTPC, which is Windows still, and that runs Kodi and my games on a big tv/armchair gaming.

That said, my main desktop/workstation has been Linux for a very long time; and I do do _some_ gaming on it, mostly keyboard+mouse stuff like RTS, point-and-click adventures, and generally light-duty single player stuff (after all, my gaming hardware isn't in this PC, so it's an older GTX for instance). For those games, it runs them great without any issues at all; this includes setup of course. Steam runs great, Proton does a great job, Minigalaxy is great, some Humblebundle linux games, some AGS games I set up myself, stuff like that. Lutris is good but I find I have to tweak too much to get games working, it's good, but the weird combination of a simple-interface-but-also-kind-of-a-pain-tweaking isn't for me.

So I guess yeah, being Ubuntu based, it's a good choice. Drivers are very easy to set up as well, Steam/the-others are easy to get going, etc. Mint also has sane default packaging that makes it even more ready to use then Ubuntu in my personal opinion. That said, I also don't really play big multiplayer/competitive games whatsoever -- they're just not my jam -- so I can pretty much guarantee that a "good experience" depends on what you want to play. I'm quite sure Anti-cheat stuff is still a problem for linux in general, it just doesn't apply to me since I don't really play those games.
Salvatos Jan 8, 2021
Well I’ve been on Mint since I moved on from Ubuntu and can’t recall ever having issues with games that were specific to Mint. I guess screen tearing at one point that could be fixed by switching the compositor? Definitely a comfortable experience overall, although I’ve been thinking of giving other distros a shot in the somewhat near future. I’m overdue for a fresh install anyway.
Pendragon Jan 8, 2021
Woot! Maybe finally time for me to try out updating from 19.3
Schattenspiegel Jan 8, 2021
Ah, the taste of fresh mint! yum yum! Cinnamon taste getting more refined once again with the fantastic Favourites feature (well, the tasteless modern taskbar flavour being the exception, but since the classic one comes included as a service: no points deducted ;-)).
Happily savouring gaming though Linux Mint since 2015 sometimes with a bottle of wine sometimes pure as it comes. Never got tired of the taste.

Last edited by Schattenspiegel on 8 January 2021 at 6:52 pm UTC
seven Jan 8, 2021
each time i try mint i stay a little longer than the last time. everything feels very polished as usual with mint
[Linux] tayshady Jan 8, 2021
Mint is just built differently. It's what Ubuntu wishes it could've been but without all the money, I really feel like this distro does not get enough credit for how rock solid it has been throughout all these years. It's made my life so much easier TBH and if you want to have cutting edge you just hunt down a bunch of PPAs instead of having to deal with Arch lol.
nate Jan 9, 2021
I love Linux Mint (Cinnamon). I've been using it as my only operating system (no dual booting) since 2016. No regrets.
Nevertheless Jan 9, 2021
For me, Linux Mint is the Linux for users who do not want to deal primarily with their operating system.
It just works.
furaxhornyx Jan 9, 2021
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  • Supporter
Quoting: BielFPsI miss Cinnamon

What prevents you from using it ? There a Community edition of Manjaro Cinnamon, I've been using it since Windows 7 end-of-support.
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The comments on this article are closed.