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KenShape is a new tool to get easy 3D models from 2D pixel-art by Kenney

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Want a quick way to make 3D models? Here's your fresh tip of the day for prototyping, game development or anything else - check out the new KenShape application from Kenney. For those unaware Kenney is the developer of games like Pixross, Frick, Inc., the Asset Forge application to bash together blocks to make 3D models and — oh, an absolute ton of high quality assets both paid and public domain.

Their latest work is quite brilliant with KenShape. You draw something in a pixel-art block style, give it some depth based on numbers 1-8 with 1 being thin and 8 being quite large and it will then generate a proper 3D model of it. You can preview it first though of course but the result is quite remarkable. Generated models can be exported to various 3D formats compatible with most game engines (including Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Asset Forge, Blender and PlayCanvas), or as .vox files compatible with voxel software like MagicaVoxel.

Feature Highlight:

  • Generate 3D models from pixel art If you can draw pixel art you can create a 3D model
  • Export 3D models Choose from OBJ, FBX, DAE, glTF or STL file formats
  • Export voxel models Compatible with MagicaVoxel and other voxel software
  • Automatic UV mapping Choose between vertex colors, a map or an unwrapped UV map!

Such a fantastic idea!

Thanks to itch.io having easy press access to anything on the platform (as long as developers hit the right checkboxes), I took it for a spin since it offers full Linux support. It works perfectly, and exactly as advertised. Quite a surprise too, as it really is as easy as it sounds. Not magic though, you still need some kind of vision for what you want to create of course and you need a tiny bit of artistic talent to make it look okay. I won't show you my sword attempt because it was just laughable but it works!

See more on the official site and itch.io.

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hardpenguin Feb 24, 2021
Damn! I probably need this.
PixelDrop Feb 24, 2021
Bought it, played around with it for a bit.

#1 If it hangs on load delete the: "UnityCrashHandler64.exe"
in the folder.

#2 It's a really cool concept, but it's missing too many quality of life features to be really useful and the limited canvas / depth size at the moment is a huge limiting factor.

#3 No way to import already existing art work is also a major limiting factor. Since you can't even import it for reference to trace over it.

Overall it looks great and no regrets on buying it since I look forward to see were it goes, and it'll probably only go places if people show interest in supporting it.
furaxhornyx Feb 25, 2021
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Quoting: hardpenguinDamn! I probably need this.

Damn! I probably don't need this, but this concept sure looks interesting
Philadelphus Feb 25, 2021
I remember buying a Blender plugin back in 2016 or 2017 that did something similar, though it was originally intended for taking Minecraft images (of items) and making them into 3D models, so it just created things at a uniform thickness. Was still quite useful for creating items to use in thumbnails and such. I think it was called "Minecraft Item Creator", though I've no idea if it's still around.
Julius Feb 25, 2021
Somewhat OT: http://www.wings3d.com/ is still a cool open source modeling app that is a bit easier to get into than Blender3d (Although Blender got a loooot better in recent years, it is just a super powerful and complex software).

Also interesting: https://dust3d.org/ although I did not try it extensively yet.
hardpenguin Feb 25, 2021
Quoting: PixelDropBought it, played around with it for a bit.
Overall it looks great and no regrets on buying it since I look forward to see were it goes, and it'll probably only go places if people show interest in supporting it.
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The comments on this article are closed.