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After a promising prologue demo a while ago with Plot of the Druid: Nightwatch, the full experience with Plot of the Druid that will support Linux is up on Kickstarter.

Inspired, as many are, by classic LucasArts and Sierra games you can expect a modernised adventure that the developer says will be full of humour, magic and shapeshifting. The developer says to think of it like "Simon the Sorcerer meets Rincewind with a Monkey Island vibe". Instead of the usual push, pull and pick up options Plot of the Druid is a little on the weirder side with shapeshifting, opening up more optionals like sniff, scratch and climb and according to the plan some areas will need animals that can see better in the dark or have better hearing.

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  • Sarcastic British humour that will have you giggling and cracking up
  • A clever way of solving puzzles as a human or an animal
  • A fun and challenging experience with two difficulty levels
  • Elemental spells to deal with epic evils or just minor irritations 
  • Dozens of wacky characters to meet
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn cartoon art
  • Explore the fantasy setting with many objects to point and click on!
  • Lots of hidden Easter eggs to find

The Kickstarter campaign that's live now has a goal of $25,000 and after a day it's already hit about $7,000 so it appears to be quite a good start. Point and click adventures had such a huge resurgence over the last few years, it's great to see even more of them arrive and this does look good.

Try out Nightwatch on / Steam and back the full game on Kickstarter.

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whizse Jun 23, 2021
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  • Supporter
I backed this one too.

It adds up to a grand total of seven backed adventure games still in development. Let's hope they don't release all at once...
crabel Jun 23, 2021
I tried the demo and it worked quite well. I liked the game and had no issues with it, except one. I noticed that I had really high framerates (couple of hundred) and asked about it in the forum. The dev answered and promised to fix it in the next build. It is always nice to get feedback from the dev.

I also was mostly lucky so far with Kickstarter, well the recently released Backbone was the exception (and the open letter of the developers was the icing on the cake), so I will give this one a go too.
Phlebiac Jun 24, 2021
Quoting: crabelthe recently released Backbone was the exception

Been ignoring this one since the release, since there's no Linux build yet. But now I see all the bad reviews, complaining how it's nothing like the Prologue... :-(

So for me, it's a bit like Insomia - a bit annoyed that there's still no Linux build (since that is the reason I backed, and it's nearly 3 years since the Windows release now), but given the poor reviews I'm not sure I'm missing a lot.

Much worse than that was "One Final Breath" which never even bothered to give backers any keys (and of course Kickstarter couldn't be bothered about it). Not only no Linux release that was promised, but NO KEYS AT ALL for even the Windows release. But the reviews on it are incredibly bad, so...
crabel Jun 24, 2021
The full game Backbone is mostly the prologue. The story afterwards is a) short and b) linear. And incomplete.

What's angering me is the open letter from the developers. I mean, an apology, any honest text explaining that the run out of time and money or something like that. It's hard, it's kickstarter, so it's ok. But nothing like that.

Instead they wrote: The game is exactly how we wanted it to be (seriously? You are kidding, right?), art is subjective and to quote: "Don’t ask us about what it all meant - ask your own unknowable shining heart, sit with your feelings and truly feel them, talk to people."

That's like asking me to contemplate the following deep and spiritual piece of art: "The bus driver walks into a supermarket and the alien eats a cake. The End.". When you ask your unknowable, shining heart what the sentence means, remember: Art is subjective.

The sad thing is, the art is indeed exceptional. Play the demo, it's great. But the writing is mostly bad, the dialogs are mostly flat and meaningless. Characters have no depth at all. And whatever dialog options you chose, the outcome is always the same.
Eike Jun 24, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: crabelThe full game Backbone is mostly the prologue. The story afterwards is a) short and b) linear. And incomplete.

Too bad, it looked promising!

On a side note, you now can finally remove a game from the wish list directly from the shop page (drop down at the right of wish list button)...
whizse Jun 24, 2021
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  • Supporter
Quoting: crabelThe full game Backbone is mostly the prologue. The story afterwards is a) short and b) linear. And incomplete.
Aw (raccoon) poo! I was so looking forward to that one.
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The comments on this article are closed.