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Lutris 0.5.10 Beta 1 is out with Origin and Ubisoft Connect integration

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Ready to test some more awesome open source software? Lutris 0.5.10 Beta 1 is out, so this is your chance to help make the next release a polished one. What is Lutris? It's a free and open source application that helps you manage games from Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Emulators, Wine and much more.

This new version may have some lingering bugs but some big new features too!


  • Add new window to add games to Lutris, with searches from the website, scanning a folder for previously installed games, installing a Windows game from a setup file, installing from a YAML script or configuring a single game manually.
  • Move the search for Lutris installers from a tab in the Lutris service
    to the window for adding games.
  • Add a coverart format
  • Add integration with EA Origin
  • Add integration with Ubisoft Connect
  • Download missing media on startup
  • Remove Winesteam runner (install Steam for Windows in Lutris instead)
  • PC (Linux and Windows) games have their own dedicated Nvidia shader cache
  • Add dgvoodoo2 option
  • Add option to enable BattleEye anti-cheat support

All of this could be really useful on the Steam Deck!

You can download it from GitHub. See more on the official site.

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fenglengshun Feb 12, 2022
Oh, that's cool. I guess the Flatpak full integration didn't make it in 5.10 after all, but still looking forward to test it nonetheless.

Gonna wait until it shows up in Fedora's Bodhi testing or they release an .rpm, but will try as soon as I can.
hardpenguin Feb 12, 2022
This is very impressive and much needed addition :)
a0kami Feb 12, 2022
That's such a nice update!

How does the EAC support option works ?
Is it not supposed to work out of the box whether it's a native linux game or through wine (assuming developers enabled it for their game and provided the .so file next to the .dll) ?
Matombo Feb 12, 2022
So will it still install origin und uc for every game or will it work like the steam windows runner where it's only installed once?
ShinyaOsen Feb 13, 2022
Glad there is integration with origin now if only EA would give me my games back they deleted off my account and 2 of them ive have physically since i was 13 because of them. All EA support says to me is that the games are linked to a different account and tell me i forgot my info to my real account even though i checked every email i had by myself and check with EA support if those emails had accounts and they said no to all but the one i used.
slaapliedje Feb 13, 2022
I kind of wonder if/when Lutris will integrate Proton into it instead of standard Wine?
Also Boxtron and Roberta would be cool. Though maybe it does this on the backend already?
NotGeorgeCostanza Feb 13, 2022
How does this software compare to Playnite?
pete910 Feb 13, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Icons for the stores are missing for me and at least one other on their issues page .

Quoting: NotGeorgeCostanzaHow does this software compare to Playnite?

Never heard of it tbh
cazzoo Feb 13, 2022
Quoting: MatomboSo will it still install origin und uc for every game or will it work like the steam windows runner where it's only installed once?

Lutris' integration only requires one installation for all games of the same platform.
While this is working for most of the games, there may be some specific use-cases where it doesn't work (I don't have any yet in mind).

I'm used to pull (and use) latest version from git and I have to admit this is current not bug-proof. Ubisoft Connect's integration had some issues on my end so I had to install it manually, leading me to some things to data fix into the sqlite database to get it working (my dev background knowledge helped me a lot).

Fortunately we can expect things to become more and more stable, and as well working out of the box.

Quoting: NotGeorgeCostanzaHow does this software compare to Playnite?
To answer this one, Playnite is kind of the same, but dedicated to Windows AFAIK. Lutris goes even further, allowing to play windows games in linux leveraging Wine builds. There are some contributors helping to keep updated version of wine fully compatible with Lutris, embeding all latest changes from Proton, Proton GE and Wine.
KohlyKohl Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: NotGeorgeCostanzaHow does this software compare to Playnite?

Different look and feel between the two.

I'm guessing that wine compatibility takes up a lot of development time and I think that is at least one reason why the UI is basic compared to Playnite.

Both projects have one main developer and Lutris has a larger code base.

For installing and playing games they both do a great job.

Playnite is great because it has a nice Fullscreen mode that you can immerse yourself in and it would be cool if Lutris had that as well.
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The comments on this article are closed.