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GOG puts up a We Love Games Sale with lots of good deals

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Prefer GOG over other stores for their DRM-free collection? It's Valentines Day and of course there's a sale. The We Love Games Sale is live until Monday, February 21st at 2 pm UTC. This sale features a number of big hitters, new releases and plenty of indie gems to look out for.

The GOG team curated a few special lists for this one including:

Plus a few other completely randomly named lists found on their dedicated sale page.

Check out the full list of deals on GOG.com.

If you do find a particularly great deal, be sure to let readers know in the comments.

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TrainDoc Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestBuy from Valve, support Valve! They are the ones that deserve our support!
No company is your friend. Regardless of how much they invest in your preferred ecosystem.
Liam Dawe Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: Guest
Quoting: GuestBuy from Valve, support Valve! They are the ones that deserve our support!

With that as the first comment, I do believe I'm about 2 steps away from leaving the entire community for good.
And miss out on all the fanboyisming? ;)

Jokes aside, I get where the OC is coming from because Valve are clearly the only store company to actually put resources into Linux. However, the situation isn't as black and white as people always make it out to be. GOG as a company, as we reported, aren't exactly doing well, and so spending out on a niche market like ours is obviously not going to be their focus.

I do hope eventually though that GOG pulls through, so they can expand their efforts. They clearly do still have a lot of fans and we definitely don't want to end up with a single store propping everything up. Multiple stores has many benefits, even if your #1 is Steam. As we all know, competition is healthy :)
sourpuz Feb 14, 2022
Lutris has become pretty decent at running lots of Win-only games from GOG, so I recommend taking a look there, at least when there's a sale.
Shmerl Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestBuy from Valve, support Valve! They are the ones that deserve our support!

Off-topic and flamebait I'd say.
Liam Dawe Feb 14, 2022
I'll leave what's up with this note: coming to articles you're not interested in, to tell people you're not interested and just...yeah, how about we just don't do that? Let's try and attempt to stay on topic for articles.
Arcadius-8606 Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestBuy from Valve, support Valve! They are the ones that deserve our support!

No thanks. I only support game devs that make Linux DRM FREE local MP/Single Player titles and/or Cloud Based Online Only games that support Linux. Valve is great and all but they don't cater to my Linux specific needs which is why it's great to have more choices not less.
Arcadius-8606 Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestI get it, but through Valves open source projects and efforts, I'd guess quite a few titles you have are specifically related to Valve and their spending to make games work on all Linux versions.

I like open source and don't like evasive DRM. That's why I like Valve because they are all in on open source and don't have hard core DRM. Linux is easy enough to lock down so that the DRM can't get anything anyway, so it's a moot point for me.

The way you're advocating for Steam and Valve does more harm than good. I've been on Linux since the 90's. I'm also a member of several LUGs and I work with non-profits to help build and donate Linux computers to the public...How you are going about it leaves a bad taste and make those on the fence about Steam or Linux or both give them pause to enter.

You don't need to PREACH anything in life. If it's good, ppl will come to it on their own. Especially when it's something as well known as Steam.

The discourse should be framed in a way that reflects the article and nature of the open source movement which is about giving ppl more choices versus asking everyone one to line up behind one flag.

Last edited by Arcadius-8606 on 14 February 2022 at 10:56 pm UTC
Arcadius-8606 Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestYeah, just remember, if Valve fails at making Linux a gaming OS and stops trying, you better get to liking Windows. All your dear DRM free devs aren't going to give a damn about your 1% market share without Valve pushing it.

if someone is ofended because I stated my opinion on who to support to move our OS further, and ends up not using Linux because of my very simple comment, it's on them. You're making a literal mountain out of a literal mole hill.

If Valve fails, Linux will still be here. It was here before Valve. Linux gaming existed before Valve. I started using Linux in 1998. The last time I touched Windows was in 1999. My job does not use Linux. I've been gaming soley on Linux since the summer of 1999. My family has been on Linux since 2003. My children who entered the workforce have jobs that allow them to use whatever OS they want so long as they remote in are on Linux. You don't bring ppl to the table the way you are trying to do. You just use it and others will see if it's for them or not.

What you are doing is putting your opinion out into the world with an irresponsible tone which is counter to the argument and ideals of what birthed Linux.

Community 1st.

Last edited by Arcadius-8606 on 14 February 2022 at 10:54 pm UTC
denyasis Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestI like open source and don't like evasive DRM. That's why I like Valve because they are all in on open source and don't have hard core DRM

I didn't know Steam was open source?!

Looks like Witcher 3, STALKER, and Xcom are pretty heavily discounted. I could totally recommend them to anyone. Good games.

Thanks Valve!
Arcadius-8606 Feb 14, 2022
Quoting: GuestGames on Linux with nearly zero driver support, barely any dev support, and worse performance than OS X. I remember running games at 30FPS that would have run 90FPS on the same settings in Windows. If you call that "support" we have two very different definitions of what that means.

I've done my fair share supporting open source projects myself, with time and with money, I could name them all but I'd rather not. Everything Valve has done to promote Linux gaming in the wild, not just via their platform, without locking any of it up. When a company embraces your open-source OS like that, putting MILLIONS of dollars into it, that's when you support a company. Let me ask you this, what does a company have to do in order to get your support?

I am supporting my community, I'm more worried about our software advancements than some basic DRM in a game.

You are not supporting your community by coming into a article that has nothing to do with the topic you wish to speak about and asking ppl to side with you towards a company.

As for what I would throw my money on I already stated - SP & Local MP Linux Native DRM Free games (if I need a launcher, I will not buy from that company) | Online Only MP Games must be cloud based and work on Linux stuff like Stadia and GFN are good examples.

GOG has a lot of Linux Native DRM Free titles and I supported them for a long time and I'm glad they are still around to have these sales to allow more Linux users explore DRM Free gaming while it's still an option.

You're worried but that's not how to be. I don't fear what will and will not happen. I just actively support what going right now that does things the way I want them to be done.

If Steam has more players like you involved, I think I continue to not support them.
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