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After not hearing much from Cradle Games and tinyBuild on Hellpoint, they've now announced the first major expansion Hellpoint: Blue Sun releases on July 12th. This is along with console next-gen stuff.

For those who haven't seen it before, Hellpoint is the debut title from Cradle Games and it's set in a surreal and dark science-fantasy future, mankind and aliens alike seek to harness the power of the soul, and to wrest power away from the cosmic gods of old. Something like that anyway. It's a souls-like action-RPG in space.

This Blue Sun DLC will show the complete story of Irid Novo, at least for those who can understand much of it. The DLC brings with it:

  • Travel to the Blue Sun parallel dimension to experience a new layer of story that reveals the one true cause of the Merge cataclysm.
  • Three new sprawling areas explore and die in, expanding the interconnected level design.
  • A ton of new armors, characters and bosses
  • New “contract” system
  • Dual wield weapons
  • A variety of quality-of-life improvements designed alongside the Hellpoint player community, like stat respec and inventory management.

Announcement trailer below:

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You can pick up Hellpoint on GOG, Humble Store or Steam.

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fagnerln May 17, 2022
GoG made a "giveaway" with this game, but I didn't play it yet (like 90% of the giveaways on GoG).

It looks cheap, but interesting, I'll check it sometime
Nezchan May 17, 2022
I played Hellpoint after I got it free on GoG,'s not fantastic. The combat flows well, but the experience is pretty shallow otherwise. And then they throw a massive difficulty spike at you with one of the early bosses
Spoiler, click me
(the Arisen Congregators)
which is where I eventually gave up. The plot isn't very deep, at least to the point where I played it.

Does some interesting things, but could have stood to be baked a little longer.
slaapliedje May 17, 2022
Quoting: fagnerlnGoG made a "giveaway" with this game, but I didn't play it yet (like 90% of the giveaways on GoG).

It looks cheap, but interesting, I'll check it sometime
My Bro and I played through it on the PS4. Holy crap it is hard, and has multiple endings, etc. It is a tad buggy though, so hopefully they fix that. It very much plays like Dark Souls.
Salvatos May 17, 2022
It scratched my Souls-like itch when I finally tried Dark Souls III and couldn’t stand the action queuing. I wasn’t a fan of the oppressive atmosphere, though. Metal and artificial lights everywhere get old quickly for me. Also the game didn’t explain much so there was much time spent on wikis, but that also seems to be standard for Souls.
Mezron May 17, 2022
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  • Supporter
I actually bought this game before it was free and enjoyed it a lot. I got all of the endings. I found myself going to the Discord because I was very confused I had gone to a level I had no business being in because I found a hidden room and then exited the room into an area I was not prepared for but my character was out of whack in levels.

Is the DLC paid or free?

Last edited by Mezron on 18 May 2022 at 11:06 am UTC
hm11 May 19, 2022
I hope its better optimized.
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The comments on this article are closed.