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Morrowind gets shiny in OpenMW with post-processing shaders coming

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OpenMW, the free and open source game engine reimplementation of Morrowind is about to get a lot better looking, with post-processing shaders coming in the next release.

This is a huge advancement for OpenMW, and will continue making it the absolute best way to play Morrowind on modern systems. Unlike modern games, Morrowind doesn't have lots of fancy graphical effects with shaders and OpenMW is fixing that for the upcoming 0.48.0 release.

Not in their recent blog post, they mentioned "Cody Glassman aka wazabear finally added post-processing shaders to OpenMW. This is probably the biggest graphical enhancement for OpenMW since the implementation of real-time shadows. Modded OpenMW setups will now be able to take a huge step forward in time when it comes to graphic effects." and that sounds very exciting.

Some shots were also shared, here's a few (click them to enlarge):

Want to install OpenMW easily using your Steam version of Morrowind on a Linux desktop / laptop or Steam Deck? Be sure to check out the Luxtorpeda tool and my guide.

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Luke_Nukem May 26, 2022
And best of all? It runs at higher than 20fps!
Raaben May 26, 2022
Oh wow, that looks great without overdoing it or ruining the original vibe. Morrowind was literally my childhood, or at least young teenage life, and to see it still getting love to this day makes me happy.
tgurr May 26, 2022
Now if only someone could fix OpenSceneGraph (which is used by OpenMW) to work with the latest ffmpeg >= 5: and OpenMW itself Others like CorsixTH and FreeSpace 2 Open have already done their homework in this regard.

Last edited by tgurr on 26 May 2022 at 11:47 am UTC
akselmo May 26, 2022
Stunning! I lost my saves recently due to switching from Kubuntu to Fedora, so I suppose it's time to start it all over again.. With shinies! :)
ridge May 26, 2022
Goodness that looks gorgeous. It's almost giving me a Myst feeling ☺️

Morrowind is my favourite TES game, but admittedly I also think it aged like milk. OpenMW helps me cope with that more and more with every update.
Nightmare Twilight May 26, 2022
This is cool, what's next? Ray-tracing...? Oh sorry, I mean path-tracing
anewson May 26, 2022
openMW is awesome for us linux folk. unfortunately there are a lot of great mods that aren't compatible with openmw, but if you're looking for a near-vanilla experience then openmw can't be beat.
slaapliedje May 26, 2022
Quoting: akselmoStunning! I lost my saves recently due to switching from Kubuntu to Fedora, so I suppose it's time to start it all over again.. With shinies! :)
This is why I always have a separate /home partition... also make backups!
ElectricPrism May 27, 2022

This gives me Black Mesa Xen vibes.

Also Half Life Alyx


Last edited by ElectricPrism on 27 May 2022 at 12:49 am UTC
foobrew May 27, 2022
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  • Supporter
I spent the last few weeks trying so, so hard to play OpenMW but I finally had to throw in the towel. I just can't play for more than about 10 min without getting extreme motion sickness. I consistently have frame rates around 100 and also tried many FOV settings from very low to very high all to no avail. I don't know exactly what changed or when with more modern FPS games but I do remember mostly hating FPS games from the old days due to how badly they'd all trigger my motion sickness. It's something which I rarely experience on modern FPS's and have, apparently, taken for granted.

The only thing which actually helped was switching to 3rd person. Unfortunately, MW just can can't be played in an enjoyable manner that way. It just wasn't designed for it and so things like fighting or trying to select items is very difficult and not fun. Travelling around in 3rd person is mostly fine but still gets to me after a while. A real bummer since the game is deep and runs so flawlessly and fast on Linux.

Last edited by foobrew on 27 May 2022 at 1:08 am UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.