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GOG Summer Sale now live with new releases from SEGA

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For readers who prefer to shop over on GOG, their Summer Sale has just started along with some new releases.

To go along with it, more SEGA titles are joining GOG with the first being Alien: Isolation Collection. Plus Two Point Hospital and Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine are coming soon. All for Windows though but you can try with Wine if you wish.

GOG has a few fun collections up to browser through including:

Their full sale page is here.

Personally, I'm tempted by Metal Gear Solid. An absolute classic I remember fondly blasting through on the original PlayStation and would love to sit in bed with that on the Steam Deck. It's only 29% off though so not a big discount but should be easy to get going with the Heroic Games Launcher.

Additionally, GOG are giving away Sanitarium for 48 hours. Scroll down the homepage to find the banner to click.

Let everyone know in the comments if there's a particularly good deal you're going for.

Their sale runs until June 27th, 2022.

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Tchey Jun 6, 2022
I used to love GoG, until i didn’t.
Zlopez Jun 6, 2022
  • Supporter Plus
Although I like the DRM free games that the GOG is selling. I had issues with plenty of them and wasn't able to even make them running on Linux. So I decided to rather not buy anything on GOG anymore and instead support Valve with their love for Linux and their much more Linux friendly service.
catbox_fugue Jun 6, 2022
anyways youre often buying games and supporting the developer/publisher which released the game for dos & windows. neither of those support linux - at all, in no way.

sure, many of these games can be played in open source projects for modern os (linux) and dont require the involvement of GOG at all other than to download the game.

i would still rather have a DRM free version of old games
and i would still rather have steam linux proton help me play the games
while true i can also run my own Wine + DXVK installed and manage it all myself
i do most Dosbox games in my own installation folder for all Dosbox games.
i play most adventure games in Scummvm.

there are dozen ways the slice the pie, you just play whatever game you like in whichever way you like on whatever platform or OS you like.
Cyril Jun 6, 2022
Linux gamer: sees a GOG news -> "music" on repeat mode.
Liam Dawe Jun 6, 2022
Quoting: GuestJust as something relevent to current energy prices, my main daily system is no longer x86_64. It's AArch64, specficially a Raspberry Pi 4. Steam is not supported there at all, so I simply cannot use Steam games for daily casual gaming right now. Instead I turn to dosbox for a lot of my gaming needs - and there are a lot of old games running through dosbox! (side note: I just found out Aliens vs Predator, the 1999 game, will run on it too, nice!) This is where GOG really shines, and while true I need to unpack a few things, it's still less hassle than if I were forced to use some game management tool.

I do boot the x86_64 desktop on occasion, but never leave it on for long. The cut to the energy bill of using a Pi4 instead has already paid for the Pi4 itself.
You can with the likes of box64 though?
catbox_fugue Jun 6, 2022
Quoting: GuestIn theory, but last I looked into such things it was a messy, crashtastic experience. I can of course temporarily boot my x86_64, download a game, then copy the files out (presuming steam isn't required to run the game), but it's generally fewer hoops to jump through just going the GOG/ route.

Being said, I have played a few things through box64, and that can work well enough. Sunk far too many hours into the bonesweeper demo/prototype that way.

as painful as it was to setup steam using box86
it does work.

i did not test it greatly beyond the "default steam anonymous" account
which has some basic games

considering my raspberry pi 4 could barely play 0 A.D. at 30fps, i wasnt going to spend much time testing out steam x86 games through box86

i do use box86 for other things however. so it mostly works!

yeah if you have the 64bit OS on your pi, you can use box64
ive chosen to stay with the 32bit OS & libraries for now.

atleast with GOG you can simply use innoextract to unpack their setup packages.

yes itchio is a bit of a loop, many games are windows packages (especially .rar files)
all the effort to setup a wine/proton environment for a free 15 minute tech demo. ive avoided mostly playing the itchio games ive claimed or downloaded....
Pengling Jun 7, 2022
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  • Supporter
For any fans of classic 2D platformers, the Jazz Jackrabbit games are in the 1990s section of this sale for £1.59 each, as "Jazz Jackrabbit Collection" and "Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection".

The Jazz 1 collection comes in a DOSBox wrapper that has a native Linux version, and the only catch for using it as it comes is that you need to be using a resolution above 1024x768; It will silently crash on machines using 1280x720. I didn't pick up the Jazz 2 re-release because I still have that from back in the day (easily run through Wine, but full-screen doesn't play nice on some machines and the controls map oddly onto modern controllers), though it's worth noting that GOG's offering is the later "The Secret Files" version with extra fan-made levels and an additional playable character.
Pit Jun 7, 2022
Hehe, who would be a fan of classic 2D platformers and not already own Jazz Jackrabbit

I'm BTW always unwrapping the GOG dosbox games to use my systems dosbox. Not to save disk space, but I use dosbox-staging which is much better in handling fullscreen and non-standard screen resolutions...
Pengling Jun 7, 2022
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  • Supporter
Quoting: PitHehe, who would be a fan of classic 2D platformers and not already own Jazz Jackrabbit
There have to be some folks out there who've missed it! I do have Jazz CD from way back when, but I re-bought it on GOG during a previous sale just to show support for re-releasing the series - and it was an easy and cheap way to get the most recent version of the game (GOG's is 1.3, and I don't remember if my disc is the "Good" or "Bad" version of 1.2).

Quoting: PitI'm BTW always unwrapping the GOG dosbox games to use my systems dosbox. Not to save disk space, but I use dosbox-staging which is much better in handling fullscreen and non-standard screen resolutions...
I wonder if I'd be better off using that on my GPD Win Max? DOSBox as provided with those GOG releases and lr-dosbox in RetroPie (the only ones I've tried so far) get rotated to the left (which then persists after quitting), because the display on that device is a vertical one that's been mounted sideways. Unless there's some setting somewhere that I can tweak, of course.
Pit Jun 7, 2022
I would definitely give it a try. The major point is that dosbox-staging uses SDL2 that is much smarter in that respect. You might have to compile it yourself, though.
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