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Steam Deck hits over 6,000 games marked Verified or Playable

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Just short of two months after hitting 5,000 — Valve has now marked over 6,000 games as formally Verified or Playable for the Steam Deck. A big milestone for still pretty early days of the system, that you can now grab without the reservation queue (along with the official Docking Station).

Going by SteamDB, which includes unlisted titles, these are the current numbers:

  • Verified - 2,401
  • Playable - 3,680
  • Unsupported - 2,196

Some of the recently fully Verified titles include:

In other (good?) news, Valve finally marked Paladins as Unsupported, after leaving it saying it was Playable even though it was broken by Easy Anti-Cheat for months. I definitely want them to react quite a bit quicker to games being completely broken and this was a prime example of the issues they face with game updates and Deck Verified.

What are your current favourite games on Steam Deck?

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Corben Oct 26, 2022
QuoteWhat are your current favourite games on Steam Deck?
For me it's currently Scorn and Fall Guys.

Scorn is something I cannot stop thinking about. I dive into the world again and again, spotting more and more details every time I come back, making more connections and more conclusions. Even though I finished it almost two weeks ago, with every new theory I read about the "game" becomes better and better. Game in quotes, as it's more of an experience, an art work... with some gameplay mechanics. And I really enjoy how well it runs on the Deck.

Fall Guys is something I love to jump in again and again. Currently with the cute little Alien skin :) Also kinda perfect on Deck. Too bad there is no official support for EAC, and I expect it to stop working sooner or later. I have the impression many people play it on Deck though, either through Steam or EGS via Heroic, so if it stops working, hopefully the crowd will be loud enough to finally get official support.
Zlopez Oct 26, 2022
  • Supporter Plus
I'm playing game after game on Steam Deck, recently finished Resident Evil: Revelations and I can confirm it's now really verified (cutscenes didn't play before, but this is now solved).

Currently in Whispered World, Steam Deck is actually great for playing Point & Click adventures. And looking forward to try Layers of Fear and Mordheim: City of the Damned.
kokoko3k Oct 26, 2022
Big numbers I'm not intersted in.

How many games have developers officially committed to support their Steam titles on the Steam Deck?

Why Valve hasn't yet put another logo to indicate official support like it already does for Linux,Mac and Windows?
Linux logo is not enough, and even if it would be... you know.

Last edited by kokoko3k on 26 October 2022 at 6:10 pm UTC
Purple Library Guy Oct 26, 2022
Six thousand is still very small compared to the total number of games on Steam. But most of those were never big, or are old and didn't have much staying power. Most of those work anyway even if they haven't been vetted, but it probably doesn't matter to most people if a few of their back catalog don't work on the Deck.
If the six thousand is heavily weighted towards newer more popular games and classics, that's probably an awful lot of what people want to play. At this point as long as Valve keep up with new releases and keeps big games with a "long tail" working it's probably fine.

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 26 October 2022 at 6:07 pm UTC
Philadelphus Oct 26, 2022
Potionomics is another recent Verified game that runs fine in my experience. It doesn't have controller support, but there's no time pressure so it works fine to play with the trackpad or touchscreen.
nullzero Oct 27, 2022
QuoteWhat are your current favourite games on Steam Deck?

- I was impressed how playable Stellaris actually is (at least first game stages). Saw Corben streaming it and had to scratch it out from my backlog. I also tried a 720p UI mod in the Steam Workshop but crashes my game every time :(
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The comments on this article are closed.