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Mixing factory management, Tower Defense and RTS - Mindustry 7.0 is out now

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Easily one of the best open source games around, Mindustry from AnukenDev just had a MASSIVE new release out that took quite some time to make. This update was in development for over a year!

It's like a mixture of Factorio with an RTS and Tower Defense blended in together, it's really quite something.

Some of what's new in 7.0 includes:

  • A whole new campaign that includes a new planet, with its own tech tree and 100+ new blocks to research.
  • 15 new units to research and construct.
  • A new class of tank units.
  • A new variant of insectoid walkers.
  • Hovercraft units with unique weapons and abilities.
  • Various new forms of factory transportation.
  • Units can now be selected and commanded to positions or enemy targets, similarly to other RTS games.

Considering how long it took, the developer mentioned they've burned-out a bit and so they will be taking a break from any feature updates for a couple of months but they will do smaller maintenance releases during this time to fix up issues as they appear.

You can buy it on Steam to support it, or grab it free on and GitHub.

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mark348 Nov 15, 2022
I love that game.
The_Lux Nov 15, 2022
Bought it a year ago. And even though I'm not playing it at the moment, I'm happy that I bought it. It's a really cool game and even has a multiplayer with dedicated server!
MayeulC Nov 15, 2022
Yaay, very cook game, one of all-time favourite. I also hooked some friends up :)

Did you take a clue from my hint? :P

This update was released much sooner than I expected. I have't tried it yet as I'm busy, and it tends to be a huge time-sink.
TheSHEEEP Nov 15, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Great game.

I'm just a bit worried about what this new unit control scheme will mean for Steam Deck support.
The current Deck control scheme for the game is already pretty wonky.
Anza Nov 15, 2022
I have played quite lot of Mindustry. This update might be good excuse to play it through again, but there's always so much else to play. At least I keep track of games with big updates in Steam.
fabertawe Nov 15, 2022
I hadn't played for a while (still my most ever played game) and then this lands... I'll just take a little peek... BAM! I'm hooked again

I've played the first three sectors of the new campaign and it's great so far. Just one really annoying quibble though and that's the fog on the maps. You can't clear it with your own ship, you have to construct a unit to explore to clear the fog. Even then, if there's a land mass between you and the rest of the map, then you can't get to the fog. The only other option (early game anyway) is to use the radar. This uses power though and it's still a PITA!

Anyway, now I have to split my free time between Mindustry and Valheim
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The comments on this article are closed.