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New Steam Linux & Steam Deck Beta fixes up a major bug

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Recently Valve put up a Beta for Steam desktop and Steam Deck, which unfortunately came with a huge bug that people found but a new release fixes it and adds some more fixes too.

The bug was quite a big woops, that ended up causing people on Linux and Steam Deck to be unable to open anything after Steam had been open for a short time.

Once again the patch notes are basically the same across desktop and Steam Deck:


  • Fixed regression causing "Maximum number of clients reached" issue


  • Fixed Patch Notes button on Downloads page entries

New Big Picture Mode

  • Allow onscreen keyboard to be activated while in New Big Picture Mode and Steam window is not focused
  • Fixed some issues where onscreen keyboard and controller configurator windows could not be reactivated after closing
  • Fixed issue opting in to some game beta branches

Steam Input

  • Fixed issue w/ Joystick Deadzone visualization not updating

It seems they actually realised at least for the update before this, that they had copy / pasted a feature from desktop to Steam Deck not actually available on Steam Deck. The feature being the new full / partial controller icon being added on game hover in your library, as they actually went back and removed it from the changelog. The one before that still lists some controller options not actually available on Steam Deck though — would be nice if these things were checked fully before going out in their official changelogs to not confuse users.

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ExpandingMan Jan 13, 2023
lol yup, I hit this last night, and it was a very confusing failure mode.

I was not even using steam at the time, it was tucked safely away in its own workspace (I use the qtile window manager). I was hitting the key to open a new terminal and... wtf? For a minute I thought maybe there was something wrong with my rather elaborate keyboard (zsa moonlander... which has never had *any* problems btw). Luckily, I already had a terminal open somewhere else, and tried opening a terminal from within it and got X11 telling me that the maximum number of clients was reached. I never got this message in X11 before, so it was quite surprising, I later discovered that by default X11 allows a maximum of 256 clients, which might even be a fundamental limitation since it seems to use a `UInt8` as a client ID. I realized that steam was causing the problem pretty quickly as I had just recently updated it (and was on beta).

In retrospect I wish I had looked at the list of clients to see what the hell it was steam was opening.

This, btw, is a great demonstration of why gaming in linux is so superior to gaming in windows: whatever bug the steam client might have introduced in windows, I never would have had the slightest clue what the fuck happened.
StalePopcorn Jan 13, 2023
The only way around this, before the fixed update, was to opt out of the beta. As soon as the fix was released I opted back in drove me nuts.
Grogan Jan 13, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
I didn't notice it, but I use icewm on my gaming setup. Also, I probably didn't have Steam running for more than a few hours at a time as I was testing games (not only in steam) due to various upgrades. I didn't have cause to look at the process list much, but the one time I did to kill a game that froze on its load screen, I didn't see anything unusual with "ps aux".
Maath Jan 16, 2023
The Steam store keeps showing the Winter sale on my Steam Deck. I can go to "Steam Home,' which shows the correct page, click on any game, then click the B button to go back and it is back to the Winter sale page, which has been done for weeks.

I restarted my Steam Deck, to no effect. Really this as well as the horrible scrolling and item selection with the D pad makes the store unusable. You'd think they'd care, as that is how they make money. I reported it but of course nobody gives a shit.
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The comments on this article are closed.