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This is a bit of an odd one. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki has been released on Steam, for the second time and now it has Steam Deck optimizations too.

Originally released for the PlayStation 4, and then PlayStation 5 and Windows. The first Windows version on Steam came from Nihon Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment that only supports Traditional Chinese and Korean translations, while this newer one comes from PH3 GmbH, Nihon Falcom and NIS America, Inc supports Japanese. They're both still for sale, which can be confusing. This newer port isn't just about publishers and translations though it also has various enhancements and will officially get an English translation.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Support for ultrawide resolutions (as well as the 16:10 ratio of the Steam Deck).
  • High frame rate support.
  • Field of view customization (and automatic FOV scaling).
  • Various graphics options including a real-time graphics options preview.
  • Full support for keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Steam Deck optimization.

On the Steam Deck side they said: "Before leaving you to enjoy the game, I’d like to note that we also specifically worked on Steam Deck optimization, to eliminate a particular issue that reduced performance significantly in some areas while running via DXVK." and they added a picture too:

Really interesting to see even more developers optimize their games for Steam Deck. Will have to check this out when the English language patch lands for it, looks quite interesting. It's also great to see more games from Asia continue to arrive on Steam, although in future it would be nice if translations weren't split across multiple purchases.

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KROM Mar 2, 2023
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  • Supporter
I like that it's one of the very few games that actually makes use of all of the RAM you have, while still providing options to limit that. All games should do that, instead of loading data from the disk over and over again, that easily could be cached. :)

Last edited by KROM on 2 March 2023 at 10:21 pm UTC
fenglengshun Mar 3, 2023
Apparently they managed to make it so much smaller thanks to a new archive format:

Which is nuts since Cold Steel 2 is still taking 20GB of my SSD. I think CS1 was around the same size as well.

Anyways, I'm glad for an eventual English release even if they haven't even decided what to translate Kuro no Kiseki as -- I just hope it's not something confusing like Trails of the Abyss. Meanwhile as an EXA_PICO fan I'm still salty over Surge Concerto being released on Steam but you can't even buy it unless you're in Japan.
Nanobang Mar 3, 2023
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  • Supporter
I don't own a Steam Deck (yet?), but I'm excited by any news like this that indicates that the gaming industry is adapting new and old games to run on it. I'm particularly excited to see game devs and publishers investing in reworking and re-releasing old titles because they want some of that sweet Steam-Deck money. More money for them, more money for Valve, more gaming for the Mighty Tux.

P.S. Could the Deck be used as a controller for another computer? My eyesight's less than it could be, and that little screen .... But as a controller, it has EVERYTHING

Last edited by Nanobang on 3 March 2023 at 6:38 pm UTC
Solarwing Mar 3, 2023
I'm more than happy about this. It's great to see that the older game titles are being optimized to Steam Deck. Tux is really rising!
Klaas Mar 3, 2023
Quoting: NanobangP.S. Could the Deck be used as a controller for another computer?
What you can easily do with the Steam Deck is use a USB C extension cord to plug it into a dock and plug a screen into that. Then you can use the Deck handheld with a larger screen.
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The comments on this article are closed.