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System76 are the company behind the popular Pop!_OS Linux distribution, plus various laptops and desktops and now they're expanding once again. Their Pop!_OS is in the top list for Linux users on Steam.

For starters, they're going to be bringing out their own custom PC case for DIY builders. Carl Richell, the CEO and Founder, mentioned on Mastodon their new case is called the Nebula and it's set to arrive later this month for anyone who wanted a case inspired by their in-house custom-built Thelio desktop line. Here's what it looks like currently:

Image Credit - Carl Richell, System76.

Richell mentioned in a reply there will be three different models for various sized motherboards too.

On top of that System76 formally announced an upgrade to their System76 Open Firmware in a blog post. This update includes: Intel Management Engine being disabled now a bug is fixed, Secure Boot and TPM2 support, increased battery power limits which can give better CPU performance, NVIDIA Dynamic Boost support, Coreboot support for 13th Gen HX-class Intel processors and more.

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denyasis Jun 2, 2023
It's a very smart looking case. I'd totally consider this for my next ITX build (if I can fit a full size GPU in there, lol)
Raaben Jun 3, 2023
I've always wanted to buy just a Thelio case - the wood grain totally works for me. This.. not really. So close but still out of reach.
SlickMcRunFast Jun 3, 2023
Quoting: RaabenI've always wanted to buy just a Thelio case - the wood grain totally works for me. This.. not really. So close but still out of reach.

It's probably a wood veneer. Just peel the space guy off and slap on your wood sticker.
drlamb Jun 3, 2023
Quoting: SlickMcRunFast

That's more or less the idea they're going for, DIY customization.
Lanz Jun 3, 2023
Carl can also be found on Twitter:
Cyril Jun 3, 2023
Make me think... I don't know a lot about System76 or Pop!_OS but from what I can read here and there it seems I respect a lot what they're doing.
Spyker Jun 4, 2023
System76 are making very cool hardware and software. If only they had a local retailer here in Europe, I would buy their stuff but with import taxes it's totally overpriced.
Sparhawk Jun 4, 2023
Interesting. As my laptop sounds like a jet-engine these days (will try new paste one more time), I am in the market for a desktop. Does anyone know where to find good info on hardware for linux? I can guess most.
But really want to research it. This case would be a nice start, who knows :)
RanceJustice Jun 4, 2023
System76 is one of the very few laptop/hardware manufacturers that makes it over a high bar of Linux friendliness, openness(in both source and right to repair), high end materials manufactured and assembled ethically, and the like. They're a major contributor to Coreboot, are the ones behind the popular Debian/Ubuntu based distro PopOS, and have their own custom PCBs too. When I next buy a laptop it is likely to either be System76 (most of their current laptops are modified whitebox'd systems, but they're working on one built from the ground up.) or perhaps Framework (great with respect to hardware modular capabilities but I am a bit concerned about Linux / Coreboot support. There used to be some issues a year or two back but maybe they're resolved).

Regarding PC cases, assuming these are fab'd in their Denver, CO workshop same as the Thelio lineup this will be one of the very, very few cases that could be worth supporting; one of the only ones made in the US since the venerable CaseLabs had to close their doors (but good news - CaseLabs is back and in good hands, being revitalized by a Swedish owner who's going to keep it to the same level of quality. HIGHLY recommended) I just hope their first attempt in this regard has all the features and modular capabilities one expects for a custom built case.

Their Thelio lineup is beautiful and from what I hear well built, but they're rather limited - you aren't going to be able to mount a 360mm radiator in one, because they were not made with that kind of cooling in mind given they were sold with System76 prebuilts in mind. Especially if Nebula is made in the USA and of similar quality, its not going to be cheap. However, those investing in such a case will want to be able to keep it through a wide variety of builds, cooling systems, upgrades, and other features. Enthusiast level fan mounts and cooling (including custom hardline water) and many use cases for a given size, along with ancillary features (flatpack, no rivet assembly, removable mobo tray etc) will hopefully be included, along with modular upgrade features.

Guess we'll see but this is great news to see System76 offering a custom case without the need to buy an entire PC!
Jarmer Jun 5, 2023
Quoting: denyasisIt's a very smart looking case. I'd totally consider this for my next ITX build (if I can fit a full size GPU in there, lol)

in a follow up post on the mastadon thread, he says there will be three versions of the case, from mini all the way to eatx. I bet the middle and big one should support a full gpu no problem.
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