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Steam desktop and Steam Deck get a fresh stable update

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Valve has released another big stable update to the Steam client for desktop and Steam Deck. So here's a run over what's new and changed.

As usual, the changes between them are basically the same, although one does seem actually just for the Steam Deck which is where Valve fixed a case where the wrong FPS limit could be applied on startup. There's also these fixes and improvements just for Linux which will likely affect SteamOS on Steam Deck too:

  • Fixed a case where the controller input thread could operate at normal instead of high scheduling priority.
  • Fixed file dialogs not appearing in some cases for systems without an active xdg-desktop-portal
  • Fixed a rare crash when processing shaders.
  • Fixed a case where the UI would show the wrong image when switching between small mode and normal mode.
  • Additional fixes for file dialogs for systems where xdg-desktop-portal is not available.

The rest of the changes are:


  • Added timer to the overlay. You can enable this button in the in-game settings.
  • Improved library performance for users with large numbers of collections.
  • Fixed some confirmation dialogs not closing with the cancel or X buttons.
  • Fixed "Clear Download Cache" also deleting cached login information.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Steam Guard code to fail the first time it is entered, and then succeed immediately after that.
  • Fixed Steam Overlay not respecting Windows scale factor for full screen windows at heights <= 1200px.
  • Fixed Windows scale factors <150% not applying to Steam overlay.
  • Fixed a hitch that some players with large libraries might encounter every 15 minutes while playing a game.
  • Fixed main client window taking focus from other Steam windows when navigation menus are hovered.
  • Fixed notifications for achievements not firing when offline.
  • Fixed wallet balance not updating in title bar when balance hits zero.
  • Fixed incorrect display of "Notify me about additions or changes to my games..." setting in interface settings if it had never been changed before.


  • Added the ability to sort by date added to library to shelves and game grids.
  • Added a setting to display Steam Deck compatibility information in the library while not on a Steam Deck.

Steam Overlay

  • Added In-Game setting to allow enabling or disabling display scaling in the overlay.
  • Changed behavior of overlay tabbed browser to clear all tabs when the close button is clicked and added a minimize button to hide the browser as the close button previously did.
  • Fixed intermittent crash in overlay browser when switching to overlay for in-game purchases.

Big Picture Mode

  • PlayStation Controller can now use touchpad typing in the on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed presentation and localization of items in the Special Offers section.

Steam Input

  • Improved navigation in the configurator when navigating from the Preview screen. Repeatedly going to Preview then an input will no longer build up loops in the back stack and you can now go back with a single B button press if you've not interacted with the left column.
  • Added the ability to copy and paste button/axis mappings when setting up input for unrecognized controllers.
  • The selected controller configuration shown in the configurator should now update quicker and more reliably, including when exporting configs.
  • DualSense Wireless Controllers will now remain in DirectInput compatible mode over Bluetooth when Steam Input is disabled.
  • Fixed some cases where navigation changes from the previous beta could result in a blank page in the configurator.
  • Fixed detecting controllers using the Xbox Enhanced Feature Support driver.
  • Fixed changing effects on PS4 and PS5 controllers when Steam Input is not enabled.

Developer console

  • Added a setting to display timestamps in the Steam console window.
  • Changed Steam console window to keep the last several seconds of output even if that would exceed the normal buffer length.
  • Fixed command echo sometimes appearing on the same line as the previous output.
  • Fixed clear_console command not doing anything.


  • Fixed file chooser dialog not opening for some actions.
  • Fixed file chooser not allowing directories to be selected in some cases.
  • Fixed Steam app pulling focus back to the previous space when switching to a space without a Steam Client window on it.
  • Fixed app hiding not working with Steam Client windows.
  • Fixed Steam Client windows not allowing dragging past the height of the titlebar on the main screen when running with multiple displays.
  • Fixed navigation menus not opening on mouse-over of buttons when the store or community browsers are focused.

Changelogs: Steam Deck / Desktop.

The new timer feature on the desktop overlay sounds very useful. Allowing you to set any time you want and then when it's done you'll get a ping and a pop-up notifying you time is up. Could be incredibly useful for reminding you to take an actual break.

Pictured - setting a timer, and then the timer going off in the top right.

I'm sure plenty of people who have both a PC and Steam Deck will also appreciate being able to see Steam Deck Verified ratings in their Steam Library as well. Available to turn on in Settings -> Library -> Show Steam Deck compatibility information in library. You can then hover over items or expand the details view on individual games.

Pictured - showing Steam Deck rating on Apex Legends

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Lanz Aug 2, 2023
I wonder if they have fixed the many windows appearing bug that seems to happen on KDE when Steam is minimized to the system tray and the computer is left unattended long enough for the monitor to shut off.
poiuz Aug 2, 2023
What's the state of VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library on Steam Deck with Proton 8? Is it always enabled or must I manually add RADV_PERFTEST=gpl?
Eri Aug 2, 2023
Steam Deck building up menu loops is fixed? I always press the Steam button to open the main menu instead of going back with B and it creates a big loop in the background, until I turn it off completely. It doesn't really bothers me, I always use the Steam button anyways, but I wonder if that is responsable of some of the OS crashes I had since I got it.

Last edited by Eri on 2 August 2023 at 12:10 pm UTC
Viesta2015 Aug 2, 2023
for some reason i am not getting the compatibility setting... strange.
Eike Aug 2, 2023
View PC info
  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: Viesta2015for some reason i am not getting the compatibility setting... strange.

Some people reported in might be only available in countries where Steam Deck is officially sold...?
officernice Aug 2, 2023
Still rubbish on i3
whizse Aug 2, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: poiuzWhat's the state of VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library on Steam Deck with Proton 8? Is it always enabled or must I manually add RADV_PERFTEST=gpl?
Check the Mesa version used by the Deck? It's been enabled by default starting with 23.1.0.
TactikalKitty Aug 2, 2023
Any chance this update fixed the freezing issue with Wayland and KDE using NVIDIA 3070?

Last edited by TactikalKitty on 2 August 2023 at 4:11 pm UTC
D34VA_ Aug 2, 2023
This update causes any game with Valve's framerate limiter set to "off" to chug at 18-20 FPS. Have to set 60-120 to get smoothness back...
NoSt Aug 3, 2023
Just wanted to mention that this update broke Steam Deck compatibility of Warframe one day(!) after it got promoted to Verified (the onscreen keyboard stopped working making it impossible to login).

More info here.
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