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Steam is having a festival for Visual Novels until August 14th

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Ready for some story time? If you're into Visual Novels, there's a good chance for you to find something new to play on Steam in their Visual Novel Fest. Running now until August 14th at 10 AM PT / 5PM UTC, you can also claim a daily reward just for showing up with the first being an animated Steam profile avatar.

Valve even made a little trailer for the event:

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With this being I genre I play close to never, it's not really something I have a lot of suggestions on but I did genuinely enjoy going through Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth (90% off), Monster Prom (75% off), Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest (70% off), Scarlet Hollow (25% off) and I Was a Teenage Exocolonist looks pretty great too. I am an uncultured swine when it comes to visual novels, they just very rarely appeal to me.

You can find the festival on the Visual Novel tag on Steam.

If you find something you think others need to play do stay a while and make a comment. Maybe you can convince me to play another - do your best.

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StoneColdSpider Aug 7, 2023
I had a quick look at the sale....... If your into boobies......... This is the sale for you........

Also I think "Steam Boobies Fest" has a nicer ring to it as well......
Purple Library Guy Aug 7, 2023
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderI had a quick look at the sale....... If your into boobies......... This is the sale for you........
Well, I mean, if you ask if I'm for or against, I'm certainly not against . . .
hardpenguin Aug 7, 2023
I also recommend Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth!


- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (incredible bang for buck value)
- Long Live The Queen
- Loren The Amazon Princess
Linux_Rocks Aug 8, 2023
I recommend the Nekopara series. The catboys edition is free and also just as fun as the others. Then I also recommend Kaiju Princess. Which is now getting a sequel, and the Trap series is also good if you're into that sorta thing.

The 18+ patches for Nekopara are on Steam, minus the 4th game. That's on the publisher's website, and is usually on sale when the game is on sale on Steam. While the 18+ patches for the Trap series are free and on their publisher's website. No point in playing without the patches.

Not posting links cause I don't wanna get b7'd. XD

Last edited by Linux_Rocks on 8 August 2023 at 1:13 am UTC
Pengling Aug 8, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderI had a quick look at the sale....... If your into boobies......... This is the sale for you........

Also I think "Steam Boobies Fest" has a nicer ring to it as well......
There's a lot more to visual-novels than that, though, and hopefully that's also reflected in the sale (I haven't taken a look yet). The genre has quite an interesting history (some of which is covered in this retrospective of Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken, rooted more in murder-mystery stories and occasionally in downright surreal stuff.

On the surreal note, it's a real shame that there hasn't been a remake of Hudson Soft's Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, as that'd probably play pretty nicely with a modern coat of paint in the vein of Capcom's Ace Attorney remasters. Who knows, maybe there's still a chance for something like this? Konami clearly still has the character on their radar since they absorbed Hudson, as she's appeared in all of the modern Bomberman games to date, for some strange reason.

Quoting: hardpenguin- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (incredible bang for buck value)
Seconding this - these games are fantastic, and the Proton support for this one is so good that it just feels like native software.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney basically introduced a generation to the genre, and it's always my first recommendation for anyone who's curious about it.
You can get a lot of MangaGamer games for an extra 2 (2!) cents off if you buy from their official store: https://mangagamer.org/vnfest/

They also have some more visual novels not for sale on Steam, some of them adult. Same goes for JAST.

If there's one game in this sale that's worth picking up, though, it's Muv-Luv. I really didn't expect that game to be so good...but after completing Muv-Luv Alternative, I just, man. That was an experience I'll never forget. Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative (the sequel) are on-sale for more than 50% off.

What starts off as a romantic comedy becomes one of the most gripping dramas I lost a lot of sleep over.
Purple Library Guy Aug 8, 2023
Quoting: hardpenguin- Long Live The Queen
I like Long Live the Queen. Had some interesting time playing it. But it's bloody hard! Nobody should go into it thinking they're going to be doing a casual idle thing. You gonna die, and die, and die some more.

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 8 August 2023 at 4:46 am UTC
damarrin Aug 8, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
I'm going through some rough times in life now and visual novels are basically the only thing I "play". I just don't have the energy to overcome hardships in games for the moment.

I have some money in my Steam wallet from a recent refund, but not for long, not for long.

I'm sure to get Higurashi 6 soon, even though it's not in the sale. I got the first 5 parts in some bundle years and years ago and started reading last year and am now nearing the end of 5 and I can't imagine just stopping there, I need more. It's so unbelievably slow to get going, but once it does... oh my.

Thanks for the various recommendations all, there are a few I hadn't heard about. As for boobies... I like boobies.

Last edited by damarrin on 8 August 2023 at 5:53 am UTC
Grogan Aug 8, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
I watched a really good "miniseries" of Pillars of the Earth. It had Ian McShane as the evil, ambitious bishop. Very good quality production and acting etc. I was glued to all 8 episodes.


It's not my genre either, but I think I'm going to grab that game for $2
whizse Aug 8, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderI had a quick look at the sale....... If your into boobies......... This is the sale for you........
Odd, I've never heard of anyone having a breast fetish before.
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