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Dwarf Fortress fixes crashing on Linux, gets an Adventure Mode Roadmap

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Good news for Dwarf Fortress players on Steam, as a fresh update went out recently that should stop some crashing issues on Linux and there's a roadmap for the Adventure Mode to go through. If you missed it, the Native Linux version was released recently.

Firstly for the October 3rd update:

Major bug fixes
  • Fixed crash on linux related to game log threading
  • Fixed broken tutorial on click workshop step
  • Stopped tutorial prompt in tiny worlds where tutorial is invalid
  • Cleaned up a source of squad schedule corruption
  • Made classic graphics setting work properly on restart (hopefully for real this time!)
Other bug fixes/tweaks
  • Fixed potential problem with doctors vs. multiple hospitals
  • Ballista arrows etc. that chop down trees now count for treecap diplomacy
  • Image sets with non-uniform types now properly display as having a variety of types
  • Generic improvements now properly display "made a masterful improvement" in histories
  • Allowed single pair dances to generate properly
  • Fixed potential minor oddity involving animal placement

As for the Adventure Mode, from the roadmap it's still some ways off and they're hoping to have it out "not-too-late next year". With the new art style they're starting with the basics which will be:

  • Travel map - we have the world map, but sites need hundreds of sprites to match up with the ASCII that shows individual streets etc. We’ll be iterating on this until launch.
  • Main interface layout - similar to Fortress Mode, there are tile-based actions, information menus, and other actions like travel. There’s also a day-night cycle and we’ll have a minimap this time around.
  • Procedural portraits - we need to implement Carolyn’s great portraits for the humans/elves/dwarves/goblins/kobolds, and also get animal people displayed. Every animal person!

They said once they're down for the framework, they will work on supporting mouse and keyboard for all play styles. They say it will be quite challenging though, since there's so many ways people can interact with it from clicking around the play area, through buttons and hotkeys or via full lists. Several actions for each.

After that they also have to go through and implement a lot more like:

  • Inventory - equipping items and containers are the trickiest parts here. You can wear multiple shirts and nest containers as deep as you like, and the new interface will have to handle this with both keyboard and mouse support.
  • Combat (striking and wrestling) - wrestling will be a bit of a doozy, as there’s a lot of physical/anatomical complexity that we’re not sure how best to communicate
  • Conversations - this includes supporting the current Adventure Mode system of interleaving speech and actions, and having three or more participants in conversations
  • Character generator - you can make a whole party in Adventure Mode and the character creation options are complex. We have to update this system.

There's more so read the roadmap if you're interested. Work on the Fortress Mode also continues in parallel, as they're working on multiple big features of the game at the same time.

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Philadelphus Oct 5, 2023
It's been a few several quite some years since I last played Adventure Mode, but I'm looking forward to it again. I remember I once made a character with maximum dodging ability, and won fights against an impressive number of opponents by getting them to chase me until I had my back to a cliff or pool of water, then getting them to bull-rush me and leaping aside at the last second.
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