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Welcome to opposite land where Microsoft has a Linux install tutorial

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I think I'm going to need more coffee to process this. Did I wake up in opposite land? Microsoft actually genuinely have a tutorial up on how to install Linux.

This isn't actually all that odd, considering Microsoft have the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) but the actual tutorial isn't just about that although it does come first in their list (because of course it does). However, it also has instructions on using it inside a traditional Virtual Machine and how to install it bare metal on a machine directly and even talks about dual boots. The tutorial isn't even half-bad, pretty reasonable actually.

Really the Microsoft of today is in many ways nothing like the Microsoft of old, although they do still do many questionable things getting into a list of that is not the point of this article.

Just kind of amazing to see how much of a turn-around Microsoft has had overall. There's the famous line from previous CEO Steve Ballmer saying that "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches" back in 2001 to the "Microsoft Loves Linux" developer post in 2015. We've seen Microsoft call out upgrades to their Xbox Cloud Gaming for Linux and macOS, they regularly give out money to FOSS projects like GNOME, supporting their Edge browser directly on Linux, Microsoft also joined the Open Invention Network and lots more making Microsoft seem a lot more open.

With Windows 10 coming to end of support in October 14, 2025 and the free upgrade path from older Windows is now actually finally closed too maybe more people might actually need a free operating system.

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TheSHEEEP Oct 12
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It's not super surprising.

Microsoft is not making most of their money with Windows anymore.
It is making most of their money with their cloud services, which are mostly Linux-based.

Still good to see, of course.
But this is not about openness or anything, it's just about investing into what is good for you (in the business sense).
Ardje Oct 12
Copy paste from telegram :-).
ardje, [12 Oct 2023 11:43:56]
I was in tears when I read last week, that in order to test azure-sql-edge on windows you first have to install wsl2 with an ubuntu distribution and within that you can install azure-sql-edge...
Azure-sql-edge is apparently a linux only docker solution.
It feels like yesterday when they were throwing shit and dirt at anything linux because they had the budget to do that, and we as a department had to time after time explain and proof that Linux was the only way things would work correctly.

ardje, [12 Oct 2023 11:46:31]
I remember a tour at dell where the tour operator was laughing at us and saying that linux is going to die and nobody uses serial consoles anymore, everything is USB (explains that he has a lack of knowledge). We set that guy straight with an e-mail to the main dell office where the Linux Poweredge department resided.

Not telegram:
It still feels unreal. The war on linux was extreme, the setback on the computing industry as a whole was extreme (something windows users will never understand). The indoctrination of students at schools by "sponsorship" from microsoft if you go microsoft only. (Apple still does that).
It still is a company that wants to get as much of money as possible from their "victims" I guess.
But since Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer left the stage (I mean: Bill Gates is now trying to take over the WHO), it seems a breath of fresh air came in. And co-operation was suddenly possible.
Arehandoro Oct 12
I still think that Windows will end up being a Linux distribution, and that I will not trust Microsoft any time.
Linux_Rocks Oct 12
Pengling Oct 12
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Quoting: ArdjeThe indoctrination of students at schools by "sponsorship" from microsoft if you go microsoft only. (Apple still does that).
Microsoft still does it, too (linked article is a few years old, but unfortunately still relevant).
g000h Oct 12
Microsoft do "evil" in other ways now:

- Pushing unwanted adverts into customers' faces.
- Collecting as much data as they can on their customers, i.e. a massive invasion of privacy.
- Taking away control from end-users, by making it more difficult to run Windows the way end-users would like.
- Pushing customers towards subscription software agreements, rather than permanent licences.
- Making EULAs that are detrimental to customers' rights.
- Buying up multiple games companies to take away platform choice (eventually).

Last edited by g000h on 13 October 2023 at 3:20 am UTC
Grogan Oct 12
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Microsoft poking their fingers into our environment is ominous. I don't care what they have to contribute, I don't want any of their pollution.
Nivritti Oct 12
I've been saying for years that MS will "Migrate" itself to Linux. Consider this, MS has almost no kernel developers that have a full understanding of their original win32 kernel code, and certainly not enough to support it if they start trying to write new innovative code. They have tried several times to move away from the native win32 API, but have not been successful, they did not do this for no reason. MS used to run their entire datacenter on Linux and open source software and not windows unstill that got out and they were embarrassed into switching to windows and MS SQL instead of MySQL on ???. MS has a "special build" of Hyper-V in office 365 that is optimized for running Linux machines (it is itself a Native Linux bare metal Hypervisor). They are socializing the ability to run Native Linux applications on Windows via WSL2. The list just keeps going on... So why would they go through all this trouble? Because they desperately need to get off the current win32 kernel, and the best option is to switch windows to use a native Linux kernel instead. At some point I fully expect there will be a Windows version that runs on a native Linux kernel and uses a translation layer to run all legacy win32 applications (MS supported version of Wine).
tfk Oct 12
They are embracing Linux. Next step is the extending part. We all know where this will lead...
Nivritti Oct 12
I don't expect to see "Proprietary" extensions of the kernel, but would not be surprised if they run a "Proprietary" desktop environment on top of that, as well as potentially a proprietary software API for that GUI interface...
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