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Were you hoping to play through the METAL GEAR SOLID: MASTER COLLECTION Vol.1 that just launched on Steam? Well, currently you won't be able to on Steam Deck and desktop Linux as it's quite broken.

Testing across Proton 8, Proton Experimental and GE-Proton 8-21 right now Metal Gear Solid does work, and for the most part just fine. Keep in mind for MGS at least, they haven't changed the aspect ratio and so the game is forced into a box in the middle of your screen.

The bigger problems are how METAL GEAR SOLID 2: Sons of Liberty - Master Collection Version and METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater - Master Collection Version just don't work. They will each get to the menu, and then into the intro text when you start and then quit to your Steam Library. The intro video for Sons of Liberty also has no audio, not that you can play it anyway and the menu audio for Snake Eater also sounds quite distorted like the volume on it was forced up too much.

Here's footage and thoughts on Steam Deck:

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Another problem I noticed with Metal Gear Solid, is that it will sometimes just lose your saved game. If you save in the game, then quit using the Steam menu - it's likely your save will vanish. But if you save, then use the two shoulder buttons to bring up their special overlay menu to quit, it seems to save properly (at least for now). So be careful spending a lot of time on it as I've seen a few others report save issues too.

With a price tag of £49.99 for the full collection, I would have expected something better than this. Setting aside current Proton incompatibility on Steam Deck and desktop Linux, the ports themselves are the most basic they could have possibly done.

On desktop Linux (Kubuntu), Metal Gear Solid refuses to actually go full-screen for me unless I used Gamescope. But still, even then, you have it in the box of course:

Not so bad on a PC screen and I do understand keeping the aspect ratio, but on Steam Deck that does reduce the fun a fair bit due to the screen size. Playing on a smaller screen and having it reduced further by this is not great. The filtering on the graphics are also not good, it's more blurry that it should be. It's just a shame no real effort was put into cleaning up the visuals.

Hopefully Valve will figure out what causes the problems for Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater and put out a Proton update, just like they do with numerous other games.

Find it on Fanatical (launch sale), Humble Store or Steam. Although right now I would avoid it.

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DrNick Oct 24
Colour me wholeheartedly unsurprised. Konami is just trying to cash in on the dying popularity of the franchise and at the same time making sure nobody ever wants another MGS title ever again.

As I said previously, I wouldn't be surprised if they wrapped up a set of emulators and tried to sneak around doing the actual work.

I'm cautiously optimistic for MGS Delta(metal gear solid triangle tee hee), but at this point it's likely I wouldn't give them any more of my money even if it was a huge success.

I just don't have any faith in them as a game company anymore.
Eri Oct 24
This is no-bueno. The only reason I was mildly interested in this half cooked collection was to play it on Steam Deck (I never managed to run the GoG versions) without sailing the pirate seas.

edit: typo

Last edited by Eri on 24 October 2023 at 12:18 pm UTC
Pengling Oct 24
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  • Supporter
Yikes! This is exactly what I was worried about, and it's why I didn't take a gamble on the Fanatical deal without the game having any Steam Deck status yet.

Konami is an odd duck where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. For some stuff, they contract out suitable indies to do the work and things usually tend to work great and have a lot of love poured into them - see Bomberman (which they ended up with due to absorbing Hudson Soft after they went bust) and Bail or Jail, as well as the Castlevania and Contra retro collections, all of which are fantastic experiences on Linux and the Steam Deck.

But then there's stuff like this that's presumably been done in-house, and which apparently has issues on all platforms*, and it just isn't acceptable. And then they do basically zero marketing for anything, as well, which is a whole other problem that doesn't help any of it.

*It's 2023. We shouldn't be seeing "the ability to switch between windowed and full-screen mode is planned" - that should've been in there from the start!

Quoting: EriThe only reason I was mildly interested in this half cooked collection was to play it on Steam Deck
Same for me. I'll wait for fixes and a bigger sale, I think!

Last edited by Pengling on 24 October 2023 at 1:00 pm UTC
Linux_Rocks Oct 24
It's pretty shit on all platforms apparently and is a barebones job. But for anyone who's interested, someone got a port of the first Metal Gear Solid running on the Sega Saturn. Hideo Kojima did like the Sega Saturn though, and wanted to bring a localization of Policenauts to it in the west.

Last edited by Linux_Rocks on 24 October 2023 at 1:38 pm UTC
artixbtw Oct 24
As expected for a cash grab. Just get the other re-releases or emulate console versions, depending on availability.
ToddL Oct 24
Good thing I still got my PS3 copy of the MGS Legacy Collection to come back to since I didn't think Konami would do a good job on this collection and besides, that collection has more games than this one is offering.
Talon1024 Oct 24
IMHO, this is a good example of why we should insist on native Linux ports instead of relying on WINE/Proton for everything.
F.Ultra Oct 24
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Quoting: Talon1024IMHO, this is a good example of why we should insist on native Linux ports instead of relying on WINE/Proton for everything.

So no game then instead of as of now at least the possibility that valve will fix it via proton?
Liam Dawe Oct 24
Quoting: Talon1024IMHO, this is a good example of why we should insist on native Linux ports instead of relying on WINE/Proton for everything.
And what would that solve exactly? Just being Native doesn't mean it was tested or actually works. We've seen a great many Native versions in the past and still every month release with major problems.
Talon1024 Oct 24
When a game developer does a rerelease like this, one would assume they would test the game on Windows. If the game works on Windows, but is broken on Linux (but not because of Anti-Cheat middleware or DRMalware), it leads me to believe the game would work on Linux if the developer bothered to work on, and regularly test, a native Linux port of the game.
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