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Update: They have now updated their news here, you can ask for a refund. This is why I feel it's always worth pointing out, we cannot let developers break promises and think nothing of it.

Developer Gloomywood is another one to enter our naughty books, as they promised a Linux version of 2Dark during their crowdfunding. They have now release a Windows version, that has Denuvo DRM and they claim no Linux version is planned.

Their crowdfunding campaign clearly said in terms that could not be confusing to anyone:
QuoteWhat platform will the game be for?

We are currently creating a version of 2Dark forPC, Mac and Linux. We may also create a version for console or tablet, but we can't make any promises about that right now.

From their forum post:
QuoteHello guys,
Sorry, but there is no Linux version planned yet: /.

I do urge you to post in there if you're disappointed by their broken promise, we need to stop developers getting away with things like this. Just remember to be polite about it, manners cost nothing.

Naughty, naughty developers. Their crowdfunding campaign never mentioned they would be using any form of DRM either. Article taken from
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riusma 13 Mar, 2017
Arf... I never crowdfund anything, but I was having expectations for this game! Will quickly remove that from my whishlist! >.<
NaughtyDeveloper 13 Mar, 2017
I guess people could ask for a refund? Because they advertised a feature they did not deliver?
hidekin 13 Mar, 2017
They even promised a drm free version and then they release the game with denuvo without drmfree and without linux version.
cprn 13 Mar, 2017
Honestly, I'm not disappointed at all. Learned that Windows developers are untruthful bitches long time ago. It's not even their fault, really... They just lack knowledge, skill and consistency. Period.

I'm waiting for a campaign that will say "knowing the marketing strategies of our competitors, we don't expect Linux community to support the title at all but we will release for Linux first anyway because it's what we use everyday and what we know best".
rustybroomhandle 13 Mar, 2017
Baaaaad. This is why people sometimes get so cranky about crowdfunding. It really hurts all the legitimate and good projects on KS/gogo/etc.
FredO 13 Mar, 2017
In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien: “There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery.”
fabertawe 13 Mar, 2017
Quoting: NaughtyDeveloperI guess people could ask for a refund? Because they advertised a feature they did not deliver?

Worth a try... didn't work for me with Carmageddon though, I was totally ignored - along with many, many others. It really is unacceptable.
t3g 13 Mar, 2017
I haven't heard of this game before and never will buy it. I don't crowdfund as it is glorified panhandling with no guarantees.
StraToN 13 Mar, 2017
This is shameful.
I'm disgusted. I backed this project both because I'm a fan of Frédérick Raynal (Little Big Adventure/Relentless, Alone in the Dark, just to mention) AND because it was announced for Linux.

I feel this as a spit in the face, as the project page clearly announces a Linux version AND NO DRM. I indicated in the project comments that I wouldn't ask for a refund until I have more information about Linux release, but if this information is confirmed then I'll rethink my position just like they did.
PublicNuisance 13 Mar, 2017
I wouldn't touch these guys products now even if they came out with what they promised. Liars don't deserve my money.
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The comments on this article are closed.