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7 Days To Die Linux Version Is Being Worked On, The Saga Continues

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So, you may be familiar with 7 Days to Die, the zombie survival and crafting game from Kickstarter that promised a Linux version "two months" after the Windows version and it never happened. An actual programmer for the 7 days crew has now responded in public on their forum.

QuoteFYI on the linux build.

Rest assured guys, you haven't been forgotten about. It may only be the 32 bit build to start with, one of our APIs doesn't yet have linux 64 bit support so that's holding us back on that front, and the reason for the delays. I am setting up an ubuntu distro today and will be compiling and working out the bugs over the next couple of weeks in my spare time to expedite this. We will try to get a stable build out asap even if it is just a 32 bit. Then you guys can at least play while waiting on the 64 bit

I really hope this helps you feel better about this and lets you know you aren't being ignored.


I've never heard of another developer completely delaying a game due to not having a 64bit version, have you? From this answer it certainly sounds like they haven't yet even tried.

QuoteIt took a while to respond as I'm a programmer, I don't usually do PR stuff because then I get roped into answering sensitive questions that I don't have answers to. I know this, I read the forum, saw that you guys felt ignored, took it upon myself to look into getting the linux build running on my personal time.

We are very communicative, there are many posts by us all over the forums. There is even another response from the staff in this topic alone. I don't know much about the kickstarter, I joined long after it was over. The question here is, are you even wanting the linux build or are you just wanting a bunch of answers? They are two different things entirely. I can help with the linux build, I can't help in answering these other questions though as I don't rightly know the answer.


I don't understand at all how something that was promised, a Linux version, is somehow forcing a team member to use their "personal time" as this programmer called it to make good on that promise as no one else is.

The most insulting part of this whole story to me directly is that the same programmer gave me an "infraction" (whatever that is) on their forum for "trolling" due to finding the whole situation unacceptable. They then called me insulting for feeling that way and then banned me from the forum, that made me let off an audible sigh that a customers frustrations are now trolling. I understand programmers aren't good at PR, but this takes it to a whole new level. A simple "Sorry you feel that way, we will do better" is what you expect to hear.

When a customer politely voices concerns about lack of communication, banning them is not a way to win anyone over, remember that developers.

This is again part of the reason I constantly point out to people not to buy something until it has a pre-existing Linux version. I learnt from this sadly and it has left a very sour taste in my mouth about supporting anything on Kickstarter personally.

I wish them all the best in future, but we won't be covering them here. I thought anyone who backed them might like an update if they don't read the official forums though.
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mirv 30 April 2014 at 4:43 pm UTC
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  • Supporter
What I find interesting is that a developer is looking into getting a Linux build running on his/her own personal time....for something that was funded already. Not saying it's that particular person's fault of course (looks like it isn't), but the whole situation smells a bit fishy.

And the team really should have been looking at Linux builds much, much sooner. If they were running into problems, then detail the problems and put them out there for all to see - they might even find unexpected help from Linux users, if said users aren't treated as an afterthought.
Zapa 30 April 2014 at 4:47 pm UTC
It comes down to "The Fun Pimp's" attitude. The way I see it, if they can't find time to answer questions related to the ON-GOING Promised Linux port of the game how can I expect them to find time to actually port the damn thing.

Bons 30 April 2014 at 5:02 pm UTC
QuoteI am setting up an ubuntu distro today and will be compiling and working out the bugs over the next couple of weeks in my spare time to expedite this.
= Dev translation: The Linux build will never come we have your kick-starter money, the false Linux promise worked, now stop whining you all stupid Linux users.

I will never trust a Dev saying the Linux version will come soon or Patches for Linux are underway, all lies!!

Same situation with: Pain Killer, Dead Fall, 7 days to die, Pool Nation, and many many more.
scaine 30 April 2014 at 5:06 pm UTC
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter
Really frustrating situation, not helped at all by true Windows trolls calling us out for asking the Fun Pimps to deliver on their promises.

And still worrying that 12 months of development has gone by and NOW they're trying a Linux build. This... can't end well.

My fingers are crossed, but I have a bad feeling.
Sabun 30 April 2014 at 5:09 pm UTC
The way the second reply was written, it almost feels like the developer was trying to guilt trip you. Strange way to treat a customer.
DrMcCoy 30 April 2014 at 6:15 pm UTC
Quite weird yes.

And as a fellow programmer who has been developing in C and C++ on GNU/Linux for over 10 years now, I find it quite disheartening that they have problems with 64bit compatibility. Signs of a shoddy codebase.
Samsai 30 April 2014 at 6:29 pm UTC
I think breaking promises is the most disgusting thing you can do. That's why I rarely make promises about anything.

I'm fairly sure these guys never intended to create a port and the only reason they are doing it now on their "personal time" is because of the flak they've gotten. I bet that port, if it's ever going to actually happen, is going to be crappy and outdated.
Anonymous 30 April 2014 at 6:59 pm UTC
that's most asinine response I've ever seen from a professional to a consumer. No, dip***... We just gave you money For ***s and giggles. We never actually intended to play the game or anything
DocHussey 30 April 2014 at 7:22 pm UTC
Since I'm not sure if you'll read the forums in the future, allow me to copy my reply to you here to make sure that you read it and understand it.

"So, I'm browsing the forums, stalking the Devs replys for new information and I come across this mess.

Liam, I've got to ask where you think you come off talking to a Dev in such a manner. This guy who is NOT the PR guy took time out of programming to let you know the status on the Linux build. Did he have to do that? No, he didn't. In fact, he even went so far as to say that he's working on it in his spare time. To be perfectly honest, it's not just the 64bit version that's holding things up. Back in A5 we had a closed Linux version that was a major crash fest. The Mac people complain about what they have, let me tell you from experience that the Linux build was even worse. Should they decide to unban you, I seriously hope that you take a good hard look at what you say and keep your sense of entitlement in check. You paid for a product that is in its infancy, it's not even a third of the way to its maturity. There were months without a Mac build because of the issues with it. These issues are still being worked on, as we all know. Mac OS is a Linux version that has mainstream development so things are a little easier to work with, straight Linux is a grab bag of third party development and hacky solutions, it's very difficult to make everything work right.

(To a couple other users but has more info): As I mentioned above, there WAS a Linux version that was tested and it turned out to be nearly completely unplayabe. Someone once said that you just "Click compile and select Linux as the OS" and all would work. Well, it's not that simple. There's an option for iOS and Android compile as well, I have a distinct theory that it won't work at all. Kinya works on this project on his personal time because he wants it to happen sooner rather than later. There are many more important things on the table than a fringe OS support sadly. Before you get out of sorts, I personally like Linux for gaming as it makes any computer perform 10x better, but I also understand that it's a very small portion of users. About 5% the last time I checked. So out of 250k people, that's a MAXIMUM of 12,500 people. Real numbers likely trend towards a few hundred topping out at a couple thousand.

So there you have my 2 cents worth. If you take anything away from this, know that MadMole and TheFunPimp are the ones that normally deal with the community. If any of the other ones take their time to respond, listen and be respectful."
scaine 30 April 2014 at 7:29 pm UTC
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter
Wow. DocHussey. That "sense of entitlement" you talk about... it's because we are entitled. Maybe not to a finished game (yet), but most of this resolves around just a little bit of common courtesy.

All we're asking for is communication, to be kept in the loop. If even one of the Fun Pimps had deigned to view the Steam or their own website forums and answer with anything other than vague platitudes, this "mess" as you put it would have been fully avoided.

As for WHO responds, that's irrelevant. We're the customer, Fun Pimps are the entity who we gave our custom to.

Seriously, be respectful? That cuts both ways. "Fringe O/S support". Jesus. It's wasn't described as "fringe" when the Kickstarter page went up, was it? I wouldn't have wasted my money on the Fun Pimps if I thought that how they viewed my platform of choice.
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