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Posted by , 27 January 2013 at 12:51 pm UTC / 5954 views
Aeon Command a game we introduced to you before now has 32bit and 64bit builds available on Desura to fix problems for 64bit players, great news! Here are my thoughts on the game.

I have had at least 2 hours hands on time with the game now (which will be a lot more thanks to the 64bit build!) and I simply love it.

The game-play itself is quite simple in the fact that you don't directly control your units like a traditional RTS game, that doesn't ruin the experience though far from it, it makes the game actually quite relaxing to play.
Once built your ships go off and do their own thing which is try to reach the enemy's mothership and take it down!
Each ship has a differently role from a standard fighter to a ship that surrounds other ships in a shield extending it's life time.

Each mission has the same basis you have to destroy the enemy’s mothership. There is no up or down on the map, simply left to right which aids the simplicity of the game (again not a bad thing at all).
You have to be quite careful as if you do the wrong build order for your ships against the enemy, you will soon get taken out and have a swarm of enemy ships heading towards you!

The sounds of the game all seem quite soft music included so I actually find the game quite relaxing to play.

The graphics are really good too for a 2D space game, the weapon effects all seem very cool and keep the space scifi theme going really well. Yet another thing this game does right.

It has a 3 sections campaign for the different races along with a Skirmish option and Online multiplayer (although no one to play with it seems every time I get it to look for a game). Seems like it's the type of game you will need to schedule a match with someone to get into it.

The only thing that bugs me about the game is the scrolling, you have two options to either click on the "minimap" up the top or hold your left mouse button down and move in a direction where it sort of glides, I would much prefer holding the button down and as soon as i move the mouse the screen moves. Apart from that I really have no issues with the game.

Game-play Video:

Overall I give this an easy 8/10, easily worth a buy!
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anagromataf commented on 27 January 2013 at 1:48 pm UTC

looks like S.P.A.Z. meets Swords & Solders; and great fun

liamdawe commented on 27 January 2013 at 1:54 pm UTC

Well I’ve played a fair bit of S.P.A.Z and apart from the setting (space) it's nothing like it IMO.

MeteorBlume commented on 27 January 2013 at 10:01 pm UTC

Well, for me,the 64bit client is not online yet

Minerne commented on 27 January 2013 at 11:55 pm UTC

MeteorBlumeWell, for me,the 64bit client is not online yet
Aeon Command dev here.  The 64 bit standalone versions should be available already.  The client version hasn't been approved by Desura yet (probably because it's the weekend).  

Thanks for the review!  This was our first game, so glad to hear that you really enjoyed it.

MeteorBlume commented on 28 January 2013 at 10:06 am UTC

Thank you for your answer! As soon as it's on Desura, I'll get it.

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