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A developer working on 'X Rebirth' responded to a user claiming they are wasting their time on the Linux version, and it's a great response.

The response in full is here, but copied below:
QuoteIt's not really a question for me, but I can give somewhat of an answer *completely unofficial*.
The simplest short answer is: "steamos will be big, we need to get on the bandwagon".

Somewhat more elaborate:
As you said investment is about the future, and as any developer who's had enough experience will tell you, vendor lock in and third-party-platforms completely between you and the customer mean trouble.

That third-party can dictate all the rules, and you either accept or pack you bags. Sooner or later your margins will get reduced to the absolute minimum that can sustain you.
Basically without freedom you're a slave, that doesn't mean you get beaten with a stick every day, a slave is an asset that gets treated just well enough that he/she can work well.

Of course that's a bit of a stretch. As a slave you couldn't pack your bags and leave, and any such platform-owner isn't immune to competition (either existing or the possibility of one being created).
Linux, SteamOS and Steam is that competition, and it's wise to invest in something to make sure you're not owned in a decade. Note this is a huge simplification, as steam itself is lacking any major competitor right now but whatever;p

Regarding dx12, microsoft has been almost completely ignoring dx and windows gaming for the past couple years, and they would have continued that if it weren't for opengl catching up and going beyond dx11, mantle, and of course Valve announcing their plan.

It's brilliant to see a developer speak up like this, and makes me really like this person.

Thanks for pointing it out, adolson. Article taken from
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Maokei 8 Jul, 2015
Oh he hit the nail on it's head so hard the guy's great grandmah is turning in pain in the grave.
Keyrock 8 Jul, 2015
Great response. Too bad the game was such a bitter disappointment.
Purple Library Guy 8 Jul, 2015
Rare to see people with a long view these days. It's all "What's in it for me today, even if that'll hose me in a year." You'd think with where the climate is going people might be starting to notice the problems with that approach. Kudos to this guy for thinking beyond the end of his nose.
Mountain Man 8 Jul, 2015
This is completely different from that editorial the other day with the one developer basically insinuating that Linux support is a waste of time.
Nanobang 8 Jul, 2015
Very heartening. Thanks for sharing this.
wolfyrion 8 Jul, 2015
The future is the Vulkan Api and we all know it..... even Microsoft knows that :P

AMD has stopped Mantle support and said to developers to Focus on Vulkan and Directx 12...

Source 2 engine treats Vulkan as a preferred API, so maybe Valve will simply encourages devs to adopt it over D3D for Steam titles, it can drive API adoption without requiring developers to simultaneously support a new operating system — while simultaneously making it much easier to port to a new OS if it decides to go that route.

We will see about that in the near future....

competition : Vulkan Vs DirectX 12

I am expecting a Gaming War to be happen when Games and especially when AAA Titles start Using Vulkan

If Vulkan proves that is faster/easier/better etc than DirectX 12 then we will have a revolution of Gaming
if Vulkan proves that it runs faster on Linux machines than in Windows then we will have a revolutionary Gaming OS

In case you have missed these Vulkan videos is worth watching them over and over again...

View video on

View video on

Last edited by wolfyrion on 8 July 2015 at 7:01 pm UTC
Segata Sanshiro 8 Jul, 2015
Very nice to see! I added the game to my wishlist now and will pick it up when I have less of a backlog of games to play :)
Keyrock 8 Jul, 2015
Quoting: Segata SanshiroVery nice to see! I added the game to my wishlist now and will pick it up when I have less of a backlog of games to play :)
Have you played any of the previous X games? If you haven't then you might actually wind up liking this. If you have then quite likely you will HATE THIS GAME WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND FIERY SUNS. Everything that people (like myself) loved about X2: The Threat or any of the X3 games is either gone or seriously dumbed down. This game was very obviously built with consoles in mind. On the plus side, it controls great with a XBOX controller.

Last edited by Keyrock on 8 July 2015 at 7:52 pm UTC
Keizgon 8 Jul, 2015
Did a developer really just stand up on the behalf of "a better future"? Despite any technical bickering the Linux community can have (technical discussions are healthy, despite all the outside media sneering), those words describe what Linux really means to most of us, even if we got tired of chanting them.

His good faith and long-term view, earns mine. Respected. Will be buying that game after all.

Last edited by Keizgon on 8 July 2015 at 8:26 pm UTC
Waikano 8 Jul, 2015
Consider the source though...EGOSOFT is out of Germany. German tech guys love Linux. Good stuff.
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The comments on this article are closed.