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Another Star, A Very Retro RPG Will Come To Linux With Version 2

Posted by , 6 May 2014 at 3:15 pm UTC / 4255 views

I know what you're thinking when you see the word "retro", but don't worry Another Star actually looks the part. It does a similar thing to You Have To Win The Game and gives you a slightly bendy screen to make it all more authentic and I love it.

The developer has stated at the end of last month that the Linux version will come in the next update!

What do you think to this one? I've grown tired of "retro", unless it's used like this to be a more authentic experience rather than just going for x-bit graphics to be "cool".

I asked the developer when the Linux version will be up:
QuoteShould be up on Desura before the end of the week, depending on how backed up they are when I upload it.

I will be watching Another Star with great interest.

Another Star is a console-style RPG like none you've ever played before! Which is really just marketing-speak for "it's like every other RPG you've ever played, except it has a few things that make it feel new, different and exciting".

The game is an 8-bit console-style RPG crammed into a single 128Ă—128 tile sheet, Another Star still manages to bring you a vast world to explore. Secrets are hidden everywhere, and you never know what you might find on the next screen. Those who take the time to explore instead of merely rushing to the next objective are certain to be rewarded.
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Zapa commented on 6 May 2014 at 5:20 pm UTC

What I love the most from the video are the sounds! That coupled with the scanline and crt monitor effect and it's a instant-buy from me!

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