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Are More AAA Games Waiting For Steam Machines?

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So, you all know by now that Tropico 5 has been pushed back for the Steam Machines release and it does beg the question, are more AAA games waiting for Steam Machines?

There seems to be no reason that Tropico 5 has been delayed either, the only thing we have seen on it is confirmation that it's coming to Linux. Now that a release date has been set it was pushed back for Steam Machines. This could possibly mean the publisher is in talks with Valve about being a "SteamOS release game" of some sort.

While SteamOS isn't exactly a brand new platform since Linux games will run directly on it, Valve may still be trying to push it as a new platform, so just like a new console release. This is why it really wouldn't surprise me if Valve have planned this.

It isn't just Tropico 5 that is missing in action, XCOM: Enemy Unknown (while not 100% confirmed it has a lot of supporting evidence) and Two Worlds 2 also have Linux versions on their way.

There is also Valve's own Counter Strike: Global Offensive, while confirmed for Linux it has no ETA. This could be another SteamOS "launch title".

The question does remain, is Valve in talks with bigger name developers & publishers to delay their Linux versions until SteamOS is out?

I just hope we aren't all putting too much faith in Valve, Steam Machines could fail hard. Article taken from
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Imants 7 Apr, 2014
We do not have anything else to put our trust into. So if Valve fails our dreams fails with it :)
jdub 7 Apr, 2014
I bet games like total war and xcom will be "launch titles"
Guest 7 Apr, 2014
Well the games releasing with Steam Machines make sense -- they want a reason for people to switch to it.
hansuli 7 Apr, 2014
Yeah it's important to have good release games if they wish really to fight for market share. Well i will atleast buy many games as i can when they get this stuff out.
Orkultus 7 Apr, 2014
I wasn't ever clear on when the consoles and steamos were going to be released.
OZSeaford 7 Apr, 2014
I hope that Steam dream will carry on too, but even if it fails then we will still have the indie game scene to cater for our gaming needs.

In the meantime:

AAA games that we are expecting for a steamOS release:
  • Two Worlds Two
    Tropico 5

AAA games also likely to come out at that time:
  • Witcher 2
    Total War Rome 2
    Xcom EU
    CS GO
    Project Cars

AAA Games we'd like to hope will be there:
  • Civ 5
    Elderscrolls! (Personal wish)
    Mount and Blade

jdub 7 Apr, 2014
Since when is M&B AAA?
adolson 7 Apr, 2014
Maybe individual devs who lack confidence in Linux for various reasons are doing this of their own volition, but I really doubt that Valve is pushing for this. Perhaps certain devs/pubs don't WANT to officially support Linux as a whole, but rather only SteamOS. That's the only way it makes sense they would wait for the Steam Machine retail launch. Why push out a game for a platform that isn't out [at retail] yet?

Anyone who seriously thinks Valve is pushing for this needs to get their heads examined. Go watch the Steam Dev Days talks, or any other recent interviews with Gabe. They seem proud that the Linux game number is exploding and it's clear that they're pushing Linux hard, even beyond their own distro.

If you really believe Valve are behind this, tell me again how years-old second-rate games like Two Worlds 2 will make a compelling launch title for $500+ living room PCs? When crafting your answer, please factor into it that games like Two Worlds 2, XCOM, and Counter Strike all came out 2-3 years ago on $200 PlayStation 3s and anyone who REALLY wants to play them already has.
Guest 7 Apr, 2014
Quoting: jdubSince when is M&B AAA?

Have they even speculated on porting it?
stan 7 Apr, 2014
This made me look at the Two Worlds 2 reviews on Steam and it doesn’t look like the greater game ever, especially because of their intrusive DRM…
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The comments on this article are closed.