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Aspyr Media Are Teasing A New Game, They Promise Many Penguin Smiles

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Aspyr Media have been extremely busy it seems, as they have just sent off code to bring Civilization Beyond Earth up to the same patch level as Windows. The bigger news is they have been teasing a new port.

I know what it is (I’m allowed to say that, trust me I checked first!), and no amount of drowning me in rum or fattening me up with cake is going to make me break. You will love it though, and Aspyr’s commitment to our platform is something truly awesome.

There’s this particular post on reddit that will get a lot of Linux gamers wondering, and it’s where this teaser comes from:
Aspyr_BlairAgreed...been a little quiet lately. Mostly because its all hands on deck for one game...and I mean ALL HANDS.
Of course I will not be giving it away (wild speculation is too much fun), but lets just say its a game that has been asked for literally thousands of times. It's also personally one of my favorite games of all time.
I can promise there will be many penguin smiles out there.

I’ve requested Samsai to do a special live stream when it is released, so we can bask in his glory. Or watch his failure, either’s good.

Begin the guessing game, and join me in riding the hype train. Article taken from
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Xpander 14 Apr, 2015
someone should gather all the data about Games we have requested from Aspyr.
then count them and the top one is the one thats getting ported.

My hope is with GTA V ..i really hope this one is coming
jsa1983 14 Apr, 2015
Oh, man... GTA V would be a dream come true. But even though I am a big fan of the GTA series, clearly, no tux, no bucks. That's my motto from now on.
Beamboom 14 Apr, 2015
Since it's "one of my favorite games of all time" it probably is a game that's been out for a while... And yeah, Deus Ex:HR *is* a good suggestion.

It's a fantastic game, except for the boss fights.
Keyrock 14 Apr, 2015
GTA V would be amazing.
aL 14 Apr, 2015
first, why are they teasing us...?

second... he chose a poor date to make us speculate about it... if it is not gtaV im going to feel slightly disappointed, no matter what game it is

and third.. I hope is none of the games which ports are coming that had already been announced by valve. It would be slightly disappointing as well

tl;dr: state the freaking name already!! not knowing makes the wait more unbearable
rick01457 14 Apr, 2015
It's GTA V. I saw it in a dream.
Belarrius 14 Apr, 2015
Omg GTA V, but. It's only a dream ;)

What is the render with Wine?
Xpander 14 Apr, 2015
BeamboomSince it's "one of my favorite games of all time" it probably is a game that's been out for a while... And yeah, Deus Ex:HR *is* a good suggestion.

It's a fantastic game, except for the boss fights.

GTA V has been out for a while for consoles also and GTA series in general loooong long time :D

it has to be GTA V

they wont make much money on Deus Ex:HR i think, many already own it and it runs fairly fine in wine as well
Bloombery 14 Apr, 2015
Maybe is it Test Drive Unlimited 2 or "Deus Ex HR"? :)
WorMzy 14 Apr, 2015
"All hands on deck"? Hmm..

A card game, perhaps? That'd be disappointing (for me at least).
A game that involves sailing? Sid Meier's Pirates, or Colonization? I'd be happy with those, although I don't think too many others would be as overly pleased.
A game with nautical themes? One (or both!) of the original two Bioshocks? I know there's been a lot of theorising about that, but I don't see why CDPR would port the the third, but not the other two.
Doesn't one of the Assassin's Creeds have sailing elements?

Maybe I'm putting too much value on the choice of words.
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