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Astervoid 2000, a multiplayer​ space brawler with sick music is now on Linux

Posted by , 2 December 2016 at 10:28 am UTC / 2654 views
Astervoid 2000 [Steam, Official Site] was sent in by the developer and I've been testing out this multiplayer​ space brawler to see if it's worthy. It's surprisingly great actually! Mixing some lovely pixel art with sick tunes makes for an explosive experience.

I'm surprised by this one, as it has a single-player wave-based survival mode, as well as the multiplayer mode. In the single-player you are facing off against others on the high-score board as well and I've managed to hone my skills enough to get to #18.

The single-player mode is surprisingly addictive for such a simple space shooter.

You are only able to take two hits, one takes your shield away and then it's all over on the next one. You shield will come back after a few seconds, so it's not too much trouble until later waves if you lose your shield.

It is simplistic though, it's an arcade shooter in the most basic form. There are no upgrades and no real surprises. It's well designed and works well, even with my two-monitor setup it detected the correct monitor and resolution.

Rather impressed with this one! If you like wave-based arcade shooters and have people to play with in local multiplayer I would definitely check it out.

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