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Audiosurf 2 Released For Linux, Our Thoughts, It Rocks

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Ride your music. Use your own music to create your own experience on a roller-coaster-like track. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song you choose. We take a look at the new Linux release.

It just went live for Linux today, and we had the chance to take a look thanks to a key from the developer. Remember though, it is in early access!

About the game (From Steam)
Audiosurf 2 is not yet finished, but if you get it during Early Access you can play right away, you’ll get every update, and you’ll get the finished game. Watch here to see what’s new with each update, and watch Steam Workshop to see what new gameplay (mods) and graphic styles (skins) others in the community are inventing.

You’ll also get to help shape the future of Audiosurf, and you’ll get to try out all the experimental new modes before anybody else does. Which ones are too wacky to go into the final product? Which are jaw-droppingly amazing? Which have potential but need more work before they’re released? You get to help decide.

Initial Thoughts
We have been waiting on this for a while, and I really enjoyed the original, so I go in it with great expectations, and it does not disappoint when it works.

Sadly one bug I have come across is that after I alt+tab, the game on every run (even after closing) stuttered, really badly. It kept doing it until I re-loaded Steam. Apart from that, the game seems great. I have reported that to the developer.

I ran it at 720p on High settings, as sadly my PC couldn't handle 1080p as it only gave me around 20FPS, and for a game this quick you need at least the 40FPS I was getting at 720p for a good experience.

See a video of me doing terrible:
You can also see the new Steam FPS counter in action. Also I had real trouble recording it, as google calendar decided to do a pop-up notification (HI LIAM YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW) minimizing the game, so I had to cut the end off. Highly annoying, remember to close stuff you don't need when making a video folks.

Also, the first video got a copyright claim the moment I put it up because of the song, so it is blocked in some places I've never heard of. Whatever happened to fair use eh (I disagree with the current rules), so a new video was put up and it replaced the original.

I tested it using the "song of the day" originally which is currently quite a good tune, so that helps. That's the great thing with games like this, you can discover new music you like. Sadly though, it does get iffy with putting up pure game-play videos unless you find free music.

I couldn't find much wrong with it other than general rough edges, and that is to be expected. This is an essential game for music lovers like me.

It doesn't show as a Linux game on the store right now, but it is downloadable, so it's safe to buy it.

Find Audiosurf 2 on Steam now. I recommend this one!
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Liam Dawe 9 Jan, 2015
Update: That video got a copyright claim the moment I put it up because of the song, so it is blocked in some places I've never heard of. Whatever happened to fair use eh?

Update #2: New video up with free music.
thelimeydragon 9 Jan, 2015
It's better to use Creative Commons licensed songs with just an appropriate license.

Can find a load on

Music on Jamendo with a Creative Commons Attribution license:
WorMzy 9 Jan, 2015
Weird, it's showing up as Windows-only at the moment.

I'm not in too much of a rush to get this in any case, I got bored of the original some time back, but I still get emails telling me I've been dethroned from time to time..
Maelrane 9 Jan, 2015
I really liked the first one a few years back, will have to check what (apart from Linux-Support) is new in this second iteration.
DrMcCoy 9 Jan, 2015
Quoting: liamdaweWhatever happened to fair use eh?

It's very possible that in those places, there is no "fair use". Specifically, what most people know as "fair use" is a purely US-American concept. Other countries may have rules with a similar reasoning, but handled differently. How that interacts with YouTube being a US company, I don't know, though.

There's also the question whether "fair use" is a workable defense where you're basically playing the whole track. Still, as far as I understand, you getting a DMCA take down notice for that is actually the correct first step. You can then dispute it, claiming it falls under fair use. The copyright holder can then either try to sue you, or let it go.

And another thing: the whole "fair use" thing is partially moot on YouTube anyway, since YouTube itself has agreements with copyright holders to voluntarily pull things outside of the DMCA safe harbor.
Maelrane 9 Jan, 2015
The DMCA take down notices are being produced automatically, are they not?
minj 9 Jan, 2015
QuoteYou can also see the new Steam FPS counter in action.
Can we, really? It would be lovely if it used some sort of clever filtering to change color based on the background and always have sufficient contrast. Even the 'high contrast' (i. e. green) option may have issues with things like grass etc
aL 9 Jan, 2015
kinda weird that a musical game doesnt have a video on the steam page... its like you are hiding your selling point from the users...
Samsai 9 Jan, 2015
Quoting: SeredThe DMCA take down notices are being produced automatically, are they not?
In this case it was an automatic content ID claim. Only thing that does is occasionally block the video in some countries and redirect the ad revenue to the content holder. There is a chance they might affect our standing on YouTube though, so we try to be extra careful with them.
Smaloki 9 Jan, 2015
Wow... I didn't even know this was being ported. That's great news!
Now I actually have a reason to buy the new one.
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The comments on this article are closed.