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For 72 hours Humble Store are giving away DiRT Rally (has Linux support - ported by Feral Interactive) during their big end of Summer sale.

Since there's a big sale, there's obviously a lot of games discounted too. Far too many to list overall but as always I will give you a few quick picks to get you going:

Grab your free copy of DiRT Rally here. The free game promotion ends on September 1st at 5PM UTC. As for the Humble Store end of Summer sale, that ends on September 12th at 5PM UTC.

Whilst you're here, just a note that Devolver Digital are also doing a big celebratory sale over on Steam, with some quality Linux games discounted there too.

Not enough for you? Okay, well, Two Point Hospital is free to play for the next few days too with 50% off on Steam as well. They've just released the Close Encounters DLC too, so this is to help pull a few people in who might have been on the fence.

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BrazilianGamer 30 Aug, 2019
Thank you. Got it
Tazza 31 Aug, 2019
Quoting: kuhpunkt
Quoting: ZombieBarricades
Quoting: kuhpunkt
Quoting: Whitewolfe80
Quoting: KohlyKohlHow does this free promotion work? Will Feral receive anything from this?

I doubt it since no money is changing hands for the keys and the deal will likely of been made with Codemasters but a question to ask feral perhaps

*have been

Why do people like you feel the need to correct other peoples Grammar and/or spelling? To me personally, it's pig-ignorant. English is used across the internet as most people use it so it's easier for everyone. It may not be the first language of the person you are correcting. It could have been auto-translated. I use Grammarly to help me with my blog and it gives OF and HAVE as being fine in the sentence. What you added to this thread (much like this) added nothing. I think there should be a three strikes and you're out approach to comments like yours.

Because I want to help and want others to be correct. It really seems like some people are wrong on purpose when they lash out at people that correct them. What's the harm? It's no insult or anything. It's a correction. Don't you want to get things right?

And what does it matter if it's their first language or not? It's not my first language either and I made (maybe still make) silly mistakes, because I'm still learning. I'm eager to get things right.

And STRIKING somebody for HELPING? Wow. You know, Liam has a function on this side to send in corrections, because he wants his articles to be free of typos. Does he lash out at people for helping him? No. He sends out a "thanks!" more often than not, even though it's completely unnecessary.

I completely agree. Having used the internet since 1992 I find it amusing the changes in terminology used, it changes depending apon whatever is seen as 'cool' at the time even if grammatically incorrect. I will never pick someone up over there/their/they're because in the real world they sound the same... sometimes we just type what we are thinking and even if spelt wrongly the interpretation remains the same. Some years back it became trendy to use 'whom' all the time as though the word 'who' no longer existed. It was farcical because if they use 'whom' instead of 'who' in a sentence in the real world they would be laughed at.

The latest additions are catch phrases like 'and such' 'and whatnot' 'as such' 'and the like'.
Projectile Vomit 1 Sep, 2019
Did the giveaway end? I thought it was supposed to go through the 1st, but my price is 7.99 :/
Lightkey 1 Sep, 2019
Quoting: Projectile VomitDid the giveaway end? I thought it was supposed to go through the 1st, but my price is 7.99 :/
Came for this comment, so it's not just me. The promotion e-mail did say "While supplies last.", so I guess the allotted keys are gone.
Projectile Vomit 1 Sep, 2019
Ah, I missed that. :(
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