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Carmageddon: Reincarnation still aiming for a Linux version

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The Linux version of Carmageddon: Reincarnation promised during the Kickstarter has been completely MIA for some time, but they say they are still planning to do it.

It's a familiar thing by now, dates slipped for all versions, the Windows version didn't turn out as well as one hoped and the Linux version is waiting for the Windows version to get sorted out. Originally, the Linux version was due around the end of 2013, that's a rather large slip for Stainless Games.

Stainless GamesHey guys, Mac and Linux versions are still planned but we are unable to put a date to this while work still continues on improving the Windows version.

We'll also have an update in the new year with regards to sending out the remaining physical rewards.

Happy holidays!


About the game
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is the driving sensation where pedestrians (and cows) equal points and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. It’s the antidote to racing games!!

I hope they do polish it up some more, and keep to their promise. I would love to have it on Linux. Thanks for the poke about it Faugn. Article taken from
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Luke_Nukem 30 Dec, 2015
They've been hammering on the windows version quite steadily, and many improvements were made.

I really can't wait for the Linux version...
Shaolu 30 Dec, 2015
I guess the lesson here is that if a developer lists Linux support as a stretch goal, expect the deadline to be stretched as well.
PublicNuisance 30 Dec, 2015
As long as they are still planning it I can't get mad. I haven't paid for it yet so i'm not out money.
jordicoma 30 Dec, 2015
Simply as this, if they make a linux version and it runs ok (on my computer) I'll buy it. Otherwise not.
I loved carmageddon back then, but I want games not smoke.
omer666 30 Dec, 2015
I hope they won't go larian on this one, as I love Carmageddon and was really excited by this project.
Cyba.Cowboy 30 Dec, 2015
Quoting: ShaoluI guess the lesson here is that if a developer lists Linux support as a stretch goal, expect the deadline to be stretched as well.

And this is exactly why I won't crowd-fund a game which claims to support Linux-based operating systems, unless the developer has a history of supporting Linux-based operating systems (preferably within a reasonable timeframe) and/or there are other encouraging factors at hand (such as a trial or demo for Linux-based operating systems)...

All too often developers promise "Linux support" without having any knowledge of what's involved; or promise "Linux support", only to change their mind later or delay the game considerably.

Anyway, back on-topic - if and when this game comes to Linux-based operating systems, I'll pick it up... I can't say I played the previous games all that much, but when I did, it was a lot of fun... I don't see why this should be any different.

Last edited by Cyba.Cowboy on 30 December 2015 at 11:13 pm UTC
Ulukai 31 Dec, 2015
It would be nice if they at least promised to make this a reality in 2016. I'm wanting this so badly!
fabertawe 31 Dec, 2015
I backed this... back when I actually backed Kickstarters. Lesson learnt. Could be a long wait yet.
Nanobang 31 Dec, 2015
Quoting: omer666I hope they won't go larian on this one, as I love Carmageddon and was really excited by this project.

Good point, but I feel hopeful that they won't. The way I see it, Larian's crime wasn't in the delay itself, but in the endless stream of broken "promises" about when a linux port would be released. Based solely on the provided quote above, it appears Stainless Games isn't going to follow Larian's misstep.

I'm looking forward to playing Carmaggedon on Linux, whenever that happens.
apassinggamer 4 Jan, 2016
Is carmageddon reincarnation no longer a wonky piece of poorly optimised unity-based junk? Does anyone actually want to pay money for this thing, on linux or otherwise?
Wait, unity, so how hard exactly is it for them to spit out a port?
I'm hoping, based on the enthusiasm people still seem to muster for the project, that this old video is unrepresentative at this point, but to me this seems like a sluggish wreck of a game compared to the originals.

One wonders why they haven't worked on ports of the, actually fairly nice, mobile versions of Carma1, instead.
but i suppose the obvious answer is that it would make it far too obvious how awful reincarnation is on the same hardware.
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