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Check out some fresh gameplay from the upcoming Transport Fever 2

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Ahead of the release next month, Urban Games have now put out an actual gameplay trailer for Transport Fever 2. Releasing on December 11, Transport Fever 2 is looking like it takes all the good bits from the first game and added a whole lot more.

It will have over 200 vehicles to manage including trains, buses, streetcars, trucks, aircraft and ships from 1850 to the present day. There's also three different campaigns with "20 hours" play time, a free play mode to do whatever you want and a map editor with modding and Steam Workshop support.

A surprisingly good length to it too, we usually get 2-3 minutes of gameplay from developers before release but here we're given a really good overview. You can see the new gameplay video below.

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Urban Games have already provided GamingOnLinux with a review key, so we should have some thoughts up after release. We can already confirm it does seem to work nicely.

Additionally, they've now put it up for pre-order if you're that excited you can't wait. Available on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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woox2k Nov 25, 2019
Doesn't seem all that different from first game. Probably worth to wait until it goes on sale.

Let's only hope they finally added the ability to change movement speed/time ratio. I found it very annoying that i was forced to do everything in pause mode. Just watching routes work and tweaking when needed did not work in real time since the time/tech progressed way too fast. (It shouldn't take several years to make a round trip with a truck between cities!) This was my biggest dealbreaker in first game with no real solution. There are mods that slow down time but income/time ratio is hardcoded so even though time progresses more slowly you still make the exact same amount of money per year, meaning you can't afford stuff without waiting for tens of years to pass.
Creak Nov 25, 2019
Quoting: woox2kDoesn't seem all that different from first game. Probably worth to wait until it goes on sale.
I find there's quite a lot actually. More control over the train station constructions, possibility to have one train station with both cargo and passengers, ship cargo by plane, simulating noise problems with trains and trucks, ...

On the ui/graphics side, the graphics are better than the previous opus (which.. you would expect in a new iteration), there's the "level of gray" view that allows to have a way better view of specific features, like bus lines, etc.. (which has been taken from Cities Skyline, but a good feature nonetheless), the UI is far better and clearer than in the previous iteration, with issues addressed, at last, like cloning a train with one button.

You could argue that they could have made all this as an update of Transport Fever 1, but that would have been a hell of an update! and I'm pretty sure they need to eat too ;)
Ehvis Nov 25, 2019
QuoteWe can already confirm it does seem to work nicely.

That's all I needed to know! :)
rick01457 Nov 25, 2019
The first Transport Fever was a nice surprise. In a world where openTTD exists and is still very much playable it would be difficult to make a transport tycoon game that can really compete with it. Fever 1 can compete not by being just a 3D TTD but by offering the player an experience different enough to be worth the money. While this is the case, however, it wasn't perfect. Without listing my pet peeves I'll just say that an iteration from an already solid game gives Urban games room to manoeuvre.

I hope it is more successful than the first game appears to have been. I'd love to see this iteration get the sort of modding scene we see in Cities Skylines for instance.
Shmerl Nov 25, 2019
Nice to see plans for day one GOG release!
Boldos Nov 25, 2019
From the time I found out about Mashinky, I'm not sure I would enjoy this one anymore...
Ketil Nov 25, 2019
From the look of the video, I think this is what train fever should have been. The extra 15% loyalty discount on steam is nice too, i.e. a total of 25% discount for pre-order. You only need transport fever in your steam library to be eligible.
Creak Nov 26, 2019
I didn't know about the loyalty discount. Where do you find that?
Ehvis Nov 26, 2019
Quoting: CreakI didn't know about the loyalty discount. Where do you find that?

I noticed it when it said -10% in the overview on the front page, but -25% when I got to the actual store page.
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The comments on this article are closed.