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Captain Forever Remix is a colourful and fun spaceship action and building game that just released into early access, and I took a look.

About the game (Official)
Can you create the raddest spaceship? Captain Forever Remix is the spaceship builder roguelike. Voyage across the Solar System and blast apart randomly-generated enemies for spare parts.

You better build a pretty tough ship, because you're gonna need it. Your mutant little brother is being a total butthead and must be stopped! He froze the Sun, poked out Jupiter's eye, drank Neptune's oceans, and cracked Earth like an egg! Set off across a messed-up Solar System to put a stop to the big jerkface once and for all!

Captain Forever Remix is an officially-licensed re-imagining of the indie classic Captain Forever.

My thoughts
I’m a sucker for space games, and I do love being able to build something simply and quickly, so it already appeals to me quite a lot. Captain Forever Remix does make the building simple to do, but creating a decent ship isn’t as easy as it looks that’s for sure.

I held off on covering it at the initial release, as it did have a small bug with boosters not working properly, but testing it again today and everything seems fine!

What I most love about this game is that you can re-build your ship at any time during the gameplay, and pick apart modules from destroyed enemy ships to attach to yours. It works well, and it can be pretty amusing playing around with silly designs.

It has funky sounds, and funky graphics that do remind me of old cartoons I watched as a child, and that is exactly the style they are going for. This doesn’t mean it’s meant for kids, but it means a younger audience will probably enjoy it as much as I have been.

It’s a really interesting idea for a game, as you jump from planet to planet trying to reach your brother at Pluto. Each planet has a new bunch of randomly generated enemy ships, and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be either! The third planet had a level 3 enemy, and it literally tore my ship apart block by block with the amount of lasers it had.

My next try was even worse, although I was much happier with my ship since I had about 6 boosters, and 6+ lasers (I forget how many exactly), but just as I become happy with my ship, I end up finding a level 4 enemy, and that too obliterates me block by block with rapid speed. Game Over, damn it!

It’s one of those games that really makes you think “well, this isn’t going to end well”, as you see a million lasers being fired at the very edge of your screen.

Each time you finish an area you get 60 seconds to rebuild your ship before you automatically jump, so it doesn’t leave you masses of time to prepare. You can upgrade the amount of time you get to rebuild through the money system, along with other upgrades. As each ship you destroy rewards you with a small amount of cash for upgrades on the next run.
I do love that when you jump, any modules floating in space around your ship jump with you, so you can still rebuild in the next area, but it will be risky with new enemy ships trying to find you.

Some of the banter you get between the brother and sister does make you chuckle too, like the third or fourth planet basically looks like a big blob of snot layered on top of a ball of ear wax, and the answer your brother gives about what it is made me chuckle. I won’t say what they say exactly, as I don’t want to ruin the giggles for anyone who tries it out.

It actually reminds me of Reassembly a lot, but styled in a very different way and with more linear gameplay.

Final Verdict: It’s a cracking idea, and certainly kept me entertained! Even with it being in early access, there’s tons of replayability here, and it worked really well.

You can grab it from the developers directly, or on Steam. It’s on sale right now, and the price is due to go up once it exits early access, so now is a pretty good time to buy it. Article taken from
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scaine 29 Mar, 2015
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Yeah, you're bang on with that Reassembly comparison. Looks like a cartoon version of that game...
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