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Discord announce a 90/10 revenue split, Discord Store will support Linux

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You will be forgiven for not paying much attention to the Discord Store, since it doesn't currently support Linux. It seems that is going to change and they've announce a pretty small cut compared to the competition.

Firstly, today the Discord team announced in a new blog post that starting in 2019 they will only take a 10% cut from developers. Considering Valve still take 30% unless you earn a lot of money and even the Epic Store will take 12% that might help quite a bit. Not only that, Discord do have a pretty large pull considering they're already the go-to application for a lot of people to chat, even game developers and publishers have moved over in large numbers to have their community on Discord. I wouldn't underestimate them if they keep pushing it.

Sadly though, the Discord Store currently only supports Windows but that will change. According to one of their team on Reddit, who said this:

Good news! Everything we built for the store actually works great on macOS and Linux. A lot of our devs use those platforms internally. We just wanted to focus on releasing Windows first to make sure everything works, and to be honest thats where most of our users are. We will definitely bring things to all platforms!

Usually, when replying to questions about other platforms you get some kind of vague response but that's pretty darn clear. As always though, we will believe it when we see it. Words are nice, actions are better. We will be keeping an eye on it though for sure.

Considering their chat client already works rather nicely on Linux, the Discord Store could be one to watch as well. While they don't technically do fully exclusive games, they do have timed exclusives and so eventually we may get in on the action for those too.

Ps. Use Discord? Come join our very own server.

Hat tip to Jens.

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hardpenguin Dec 14, 2018
That is some good news! I will be finally able to make use of all these Nitro perks!

Last edited by hardpenguin on 14 December 2018 at 10:38 pm UTC
razing32 Dec 14, 2018
Another store ?!
Liam Dawe Dec 14, 2018
Quoting: razing32Another store ?!
It was announced back in August, it's been live a good while now.
drlamb Dec 14, 2018
While I still prefer valve/steam due to Proton I will say any Linux support is welcome. I've been using discord installed via flatpak daily to play CSGO with my Windows using heathens friends and have no issues to report.
Salvatos Dec 14, 2018
At this point I feel both amused and kind of mildly irritated when a company feels the need to point out that most of their users are on Windows to explain late Linux support. Like, no shit? We're all aware that we're marginal neckbeards and that we're not a priority for anyone looking to make money on the desktop. What we're asking is whether you do intend to let us give you more money down the road.

That said, this is not a jab at Discord in particular. They're chill and I've always been happy with their Linux support and the software in general. I'm much more inclined to believe that they're actively working on expanding the store to Linux than Epic are with their own store. I'm still sticking to Steam when it comes to renting games, though.
orochi_kyo Dec 14, 2018
This is all about devs, because we are so silly we think they are going to take those extra earnings to create more stuff for their games...
But what these stores brings to customers? I cant even control the downloading speed on the EPIC launcher or ask for refund yet, still this is the kind of stuff you could expect from any store on 2018, new or old.
I wonder when someone is gonna bring what these stores have to offer to those lost souls who arent developers?
Refunds? Reviews? Info about how many people play online(for multiplayer games)? Local currencies? Workshop? Curators? Invites friends inside the game(aside from Fortnite)?
I cant think of any other store that brings so many info for the customer that Steam, even they leave third party websites to show data about the game and its online activity, quite important for possible buyers who wants to check how alive is the game online.
Pretty sure some devs hates these stuff, giving info and control to the customer is not good for sales. AAA devs hates when people can say the game doesnt work well, isnt optimized or the netcode is crap through reviews and in the hubs. They cant behave as they do on consoles, when the info is too little and you have to rely on third party websites to check out info about the game.
So the next new store would take only 1% of revenue from devs?
Cant care less if they cant give what Steam is offering me now as a customer.
Too much caring about devs, leaving customers in the wild, good luck.
eldaking Dec 14, 2018
That is great (much better than Epic). Particularly good to hear that they already have working versions and that they use Linux. Makes up for the delayed release and no word so far. Now we just wait until it actually happens, because by now we are already too used to promises without results (GOG, cough cough).
mylka Dec 15, 2018
Quoting: eldakingThat is great (much better than Epic). Particularly good to hear that they already have working versions and that they use Linux. Makes up for the delayed release and no word so far. Now we just wait until it actually happens, because by now we are already too used to promises without results (GOG, cough cough).

doesnt Tencent own discord?
they also own 40% of epic

discord = epic ??????


so maybe epic comes for linux, as they said they will support a free OS
STiAT Dec 15, 2018
Being Valve, that would worry me more than the Epic Games announcement.

Only 6 mill people a day, but they are a differently shaped company than epic or valve.

The issue will be marketing them on a store front, I didn't even know they had one. If they can beat that .. all platforms and already talk/chat strong, good features, that could be disrupting.
slaapliedje Dec 15, 2018
If they also added DRM-free to it...

I think one of the biggest reason Steam is so successful though is their sales are insane.
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The comments on this article are closed.