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We know how terrible Larian has been at over-promising Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition for Linux, but with the game now being listed for Linux on SteamDB they are actually working on it.

QuoteChanged App Config
launch/1/config/osarch: 64
launch/1/config/oslist: macos
launch/1/description: Launch
launch/1/executable: Divinity - Original
launch/1/type: none
launch/2/config/osarch: 64
launch/2/config/oslist: linux
launch/2/description: Launch
launch/2/executable: Divinity - Original
launch/2/type: none

They plan to release the Linux version at the beginning of December, so it looks like they are finally trying to deliver it to us. If they delay it again, I think I might give up on them. I really do want to see it released, as it looks fantastic and I actually want to play it.

There's a bit of a history of Larian promising a Linux version of Divinity and not delivering, so will this time be our time? I think a lot of Linux gamers have lost faith in them. Most recently the forum post with a developer/representative of Larian commenting back against complaints.

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Keyrock 4 Nov, 2015
I'll believe it when it's physically playable on Linux, I still fully expect to hear about another delay come December.
Eike 4 Nov, 2015
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Kind of a quickie...!
TobiSGD 4 Nov, 2015
I'm with Keyrock here, I will believe that they have a Linux version when I actually can see it. Larian is not to be trusted anymore.
ravenkind2 4 Nov, 2015
Don't worry they'll come out with an UBER ULTRA edition and they'll want to wait to give us THAT edition instead of this crappy Enhanced Edition so they'll push it back.

Sorry I'm just salty. Getting very pissed about how companies are treating Linux gamers. If you're stating you have a Linux edition, then release the damn Linux edition. Don't try to tell us that we're getting the better edition later on, or promise a game is coming out. I'm so glad I didn't purchase this game on their promise it would be released soon. What about those people that DID buy the game? Sure they'll enjoy the Enhance Edition I'm sure, but they would have been having fun all along if the dev would have kept their promise to actually produce a game in the first place!

I'm still waiting on Gianna Sisters for Linux, which was announced for Linux back in Feb of 2014. We were promised it'd be out in 2014. Then we were told it's 100% coming in 2015. Still nothing.

Things like this are completely disrespectful to us the consumer. From the news about the Steam Machines, it looks like SteamOS just might be a hit. I just hope that the community doesn't forget the failed promises and disrespect we've seen from devs like this, like BFG, and like the dev of Garry's mod flat out saying we're a waste of his time. People have short memories though.

In any other industry though, if the number of consumers had complaints like these, that industry would adjust. The gaming market though? We should just be happy we're getting games right?
Aule 4 Nov, 2015
And still...

Will they deliver Linux bugfix patches (IN TIME)?
Will they care for the Linux Version after the release?
Will they care for the Linux Community after the release?

They proved themselves untrustworthy.
adolson 4 Nov, 2015
Might be time to stop giving them press until the game actually releases.
Kimyrielle 4 Nov, 2015
Quoting: BillNyeTheBlackGuyOnce again you idiots on this site refuse to understand how businesses work.

But but but they promise. They promised nothing. Period.

Their KS clearly stated their intend to create a Linux port. I'd call that a promise. They also said time and again "we're working on it" (the Linux version). I'd call that a promise, too.

We understand how business works just nicely, thank you. I think it's rather that you don't understand the concept of a "promise" (on top of not possessing any sort of acceptable manners, of course).
Eike 4 Nov, 2015
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Quoting: BillNyeTheBlackGuyOnce again you idiots on this site refuse to understand how businesses work.

Please refrain from insulting people. Thanks.

One part of business is customers making their decisions on whatever criteria they like.
This might or might not include having the feeling of having been lied to,
which might or might not make companies learn.

Yes, boycoting the game, which some people will do, could end up in them not making Linux games anymore - or it could, if they try to find out why people acted this way, which won't be too hard, make them paying more attention to what they promise and what they deliver next time.
Eike 4 Nov, 2015
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Quoting: BillNyeTheBlackGuyOnce again you idiots on this site refuse to understand how businesses work.

But but but they promise. They promised nothing. Period.

It's about time, but we are extremely happy to announce that Divinity: Original Sin will now definitely be coming to Mac & Linux. We will do everything we can to ensure that the release dates are going to coincide with the Windows PC release, but if that doesn't happen, it will be shortly after.
Mountain Man 4 Nov, 2015
Still not going to buy it until there's a steep discount... and maybe not even then. I've got too many games to catch-up on from developers who actually respect the Linux market.

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The comments on this article are closed.