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Take a little Wine, sprinkle over some Vulkan and you get DXVK [GitHub]. Part of what makes Steam Play do its magic, it has another fresh release out today.

Nearly two weeks since the last release, with the latest adding in support for DXGI (Microsoft DirectX Graphics Infrastructure) 1.4. On top of that, there's also now a "dxvk.numCompilerThreads" config option which will set the number of threads used for "pipeline compilation". This will allow you to use more CPU threads to compile shaders, which may help certain games or CPUs with low core counts.

For bug fixes, here's what made it into the 0.93 release:

  • Dark Souls III: Fixed performance regression on GPUs with small VRAM (see ValveSoftware/Proton#478)
  • Overwatch: Fixed incorrect shadow rendering on Nvidia drivers.
  • Quantum Break: Work around game bug causing artifacts on RADV 18.3.
  • The Witness: Fixed incorrect use of Dual-Source blending (#724).

Personally, I find using Lutris the easiest way to play around with DXVK, especially for Overwatch. As for Steam Play, it's currently using DXVK 0.90 so the next time it's updated there should be a pretty big boost for a number of games.

As always, amazing work.

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rustybroomhandle 24 November 2018 at 5:21 pm UTC
Power-Metal-GamesDoes anybody know when Valve will release a new Proton version?

Also, what happen with the guy who got job to work on the audio? After he got employed, we never heard about him again..

Ethan Lee still posts on Twitter quite a bit. He hasn't really said much about his new job though.
If you check various GitHub stuff, he has been busy working on it

I've been running Warframe using an FAudio patched version of dxvk... WF needs 64 bit for the new content, and without FAudio it's a bit crashy.
sub 24 November 2018 at 6:53 pm UTC
Comandante Ñoñardo
subHow is Shadow of the Tomb Raider performing with DXVK?


if feral confirmed native port

This is actually my point.
If it feels as native as this one

scaineI have an Overwatch launcher in my quick bar now, thanks to Lutris. It feels native. So impressive.

let's be honest, most people won't wait for Feral.
Grab the Autumn sale discount at give it a go.
The port is announced for 2019.

Yes, I honestly feel sorry for Feral.
And considering Twitter posts by some of their devs,
they're quite worried about Steamplay/Proton. :/

Feral gets their cut of Protonic sales after the port has been announced:

So Feral is already getting money for SotTR played through Proton and not using Windows during the first two weeks, even when they release the final port in - let's say - April 2019?
And all that it takes is an official announcement?

I don't see why Square Enix would agree to such a contract, but well, sounds good for Feral.

If that is true, we should expect very early announcements from Feral, right?
Ehvis 24 November 2018 at 9:14 pm UTC
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  • Supporter
  • Top Supporter
subIf that is true, we should expect very early announcements from Feral, right?

This was an early announcement.
TheSHEEEP 24 November 2018 at 9:36 pm UTC
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Does anyone know what is planned to be version 1.0? Would that be "feature completion"?
0.93 doesn't sound far off, but of course, they might just increase numbers beyond 100.
Leopard 24 November 2018 at 9:49 pm UTC
TheSHEEEPDoes anyone know what is planned to be version 1.0? Would that be "feature completion"?
0.93 doesn't sound far off, but of course, they might just increase numbers beyond 100.

Basically ; everything needs to be mainlined from distros POV. Out of the box DXVK compatible drivers in standart repos.
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