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DXVK, the excellent project that Valve has been funding has a fresh brew out to continue the exciting progress made.

For those just joining us or newer followers: DXVK is a "Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 10/11 which allows running 3D applications on Linux using Wine". It's what helps make Valve's Steam Play run your games that do not have Linux support.

Developer Philip Rebohle sure has been busy, with plenty of interesting stuff making it into this release. To make up DXVK 0.95 it comes with these improvements as the main ingredients:

  • Minor reduction of CPU overhead.
  • If available, the "multiDrawIndirect" Vulkan feature will be used to batch indirect draw calls. Improves performance in Assassin's Creed Odyssey by up to 20% when CPU-bound. May improve other games with similar engine design.
  • "DXVK_HUD=full" can now be set to enable all HUD elements (#842)

It's always great to see more performance work being done, every single percentage increase will make it a more attractive option for gamers looking at Linux.

Add in a healthy dose of bug fixes for 0.95:

  • Fixed various D3D10 stability issues (see PR #833, #843). May improve stability in Just Cause 2.
  • Call of Duty: WWII and Need for Speed 2015: Fixed startup issues on Nvidia (#850, #832)
  • Fifa 19: Work around game bug causing grass to be black (#642)
  • Resident Evil 2 Demo: Fixed crash on start. Note that the game may render incorrectly due to a game bug (#855).
  • Superhot VR: Fixed regression causing game to crash on start

No idea when this will make it into the next release of Proton for Valve's Steam Play, hopefully the first update to Steam Play this year will include it.

For those using DXVK outside of Steam Play, another well-deserved shout out to Lutris to help with that.

See more on the official DXVK GitHub page.

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andy155 13 Jan, 2019
QuoteResident Evil 2 Demo: Fixed crash on start.
Does that mean RE2 will be playable in Wine+DXVK too? Or RE7? For a moment I had a sinful thought about installing Windows 7 to play it. RE2 demo works fine on my computer except it thinks my graphics card (GTX 1060) has 0 MB VRAM. No rendering glitches were spotted.

Can not use the computer in the lobby. you?
ageres 13 Jan, 2019
andy155Can not use the computer in the lobby. you?
Me too, I forgot about that. Is this a Wine-exclusive bug?
YoRHa-2B 13 Jan, 2019
It is, I tested it on Windows as well (even with dxvk) and it works fine there.
cRaZy-bisCuiT 13 Jan, 2019
GuestThx for the update, I play Battlefield 4 on Linux thx a lot.
I do the same! Wie can play in a Squad and communicate with Mumble if you like.?

Did the DXVK upgrade made the gameplay even smoother for you?
Liam Dawe 14 Jan, 2019
I must say, Overwatch feels really rather smooth with this version. Great job
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