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Update: Epic Games gave a response, it is not paused.

Original article:

I've just today been alerted to something that's quite worrying, according to Garry Newman from Facepunch Studios, Easy Anti-Cheat are "pausing" their Linux support.

As it turns out, Newman made this comment on Reddit on a submission that actually links back to my recent article about Rust. Newman said pretty clearly "The biggest issue as far as I can see is that EAC are pausing their Linux support, which is resulting in an increase in cheaters using the Linux version. This is a huge problem because it affects every other platform.".

This is the first I've heard of it and so it's quite alarming considering the amount of Linux games that actually use it like Rust, 7 Days to Die, Albion Online (which only recently started using it), Robocraft, Insurgency Sandstorm (which planned Linux support) and so on. Not just existing games but this will obviously cause major problems for any upcoming multiplayer game that was planning to support Linux if they were going to use EAC, as it might just cause them to drop Linux support.

Additionally, this could also cause even more problems for Valve's Steam Play although we don't know the full situation, they were supposed to be in talks to get Easy Anti-Cheat supported for it. This new information doesn't exactly give me confidence but perhaps Steam Play will be treated differently? Who knows.

Interestingly, Epic Games actually acquired the maker of Easy Anti-Cheat last year, so perhaps Linux is becoming a casualty of that? I'm not saying it is but it wouldn't surprise me.

I've reached out to Easy Anti-Cheat and Epic Games to find out what they have to say about it, if anything. Took EAC a while to reply last time and I don't expect an answer on a Sunday, so hold onto your hats. At least if it does turn out to be true, there's still VAC and BattlEye which do support Linux games as well as Steam Trust to come.

Frustratingly, this news also comes only recently after we found Vivox suggesting a developer drop Linux support. This makes me even more thankful that Valve are continuing to put resources into Linux, with things like Steam Play and funding developers across a multitude of other Linux-related projects and other open source software.

Hat tip to airspeedmph.

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Kimyrielle 6 May, 2019
Valve just could blacklist every game using their dumbass software from Steam. They'd go bankrupt within 5-10 mins. Which would be awesome. World needs less anti-cheat rootkits and more smart coding that doesn't need it.
Corben 6 May, 2019
Uh... when will we get some great news in the Linux gaming scene again?

With proton there was a giant leap taken, was it too big for everything to catch up?

Before proton, we got some great triple A titles here and there. We could handle it. Now the amount of announcements or releases of those titles have decreased. At least that's my feeling. And even worse, we hear lots of "news" that Linux support is dropped, will be dropped or "paused". Some of them caused by Epic and their exclusives, cutting us off even from titles that work with proton.

We can play now many single player titles, especially thanks to proton, more than we have time to play... but with more titles our demand also increases, especially for multiplayer titles. And most (big) games make the (big) money with multiplayer... but we are cut off... yeah, I have a bad feeling for Linux gaming in the near future. If we lose that little momentum we had, Linux gaming will stagnate, and stagnation means rip.

Sorry to sound that pessimistic, I'm just starting to worry more and more with all those negative news...
tonR 6 May, 2019
**Wear tinfoil hat**
Well, let's say something....
...something about AR. >> Why Epic Games called an open platform truce with Microsoft (Venture Beat)
**Take off tinfoil hat**

Honestly, I'm not affected at all, (apologies to GoL users who online gamers).
But I hope this shitty moves will make more developers to build more LAN and split-screen option games for PC in general and especially for Linux gamers.
jasondaigo 6 May, 2019
then dont do eac for us and give us one lonely linux server :-)
0aTT 6 May, 2019
Quoting: callciferBecause the business case for EAC supporting Linux is no different today than it was a month ago, with or without Epic.
But without Epic no one at Kamu seemed to care. Supporting Linux does not mean violating natural laws. Also it's not forbidden. Also I don't think it's economic damage either. An anti-cheat system must work on many different platforms and should be designed to do so.

Last edited by 0aTT on 6 May 2019 at 6:48 am UTC
ageres 6 May, 2019
"If we don't support Linux, nobody will!" — Epic Games.
Xakep_SDK 6 May, 2019
Epic Anti Consumer move.
omer666 6 May, 2019
This thread is infected with so many internet tropes, it's ludicrous to read.

There are the post-Cold War comments in all their glory, fuelled by the confusion between Tecent/Epic/Chinese Government...

Then there is that thing about Liam's line on Easy-anti Cheat. Where do you see a conspiracy theory on his wording? I mean, he just pointed out two related facts. I do see why the topic gets emotional, though:

1. Epic used to be very supportive up to UT 2004
2. Now they really don't care
3. Two of the biggest exclusive contracts they got (Metro and Borderlands) had their previous episodes ported to Linux, which obviously means they won't be ported just now (or won't be at all)
4. They advocate the use of Lutris the way id software suggested to improve Wine support: now that we don't care anymore, just help yourself.

So there are plenty of reasons to be displeased with them, which are as many ways to fuel some sort of paranoia.

But to accuse Liam of flaming... Sounds like "Come on, those damn journalists, can't they keep their mouth shut?" to me...
callcifer 6 May, 2019
Quoting: omer666I mean, he just pointed out two related facts.
There is no proof whatsoever that EAC's decision is in anyway related to Epic acquiring them.

Quoting: omer666Two of the biggest exclusive contracts they got (Metro and Borderlands) had their previous episodes ported to Linux, which obviously means they won't be ported just now (or won't be at all)
Borderlands 2 was ported to Linux a full 2 years after release, so I don't see how this is suddenly a problem about Epic's involvement. Metro Exodus is a 1 year exclusive and Borderlands 3 is a 6 month one.

Quoting: omer666They advocate the use of Lutris the way id software suggested to improve Wine support: now that we don't care anymore, just help yourself.
They have no immediate plans for a Linux client because they have much bigger priorities, rightly so. In the meantime they are not only suggesting using Lutris, but are also willing to fund Lutris via grants. How is that a bad thing?

Quoting: omer666But to accuse Liam of flaming... Sounds like "Come on, those damn journalists, can't they keep their mouth shut?" to me...
Perhaps I have different expectations for what that word means, but I don't think it's journalism to post pure unsubstantiated speculation knowing that it will help form a pitchfork mob.
Purple Library Guy 6 May, 2019
Quoting: callcifer
Quoting: Smoke39Just a few posts ago you were pointing out that the Epic Store not being on Linux was more likely a logistical business decision rather than a malicious one. Why, then, is the suggestion that they made a similar business decision about EAC a farfetched "conspiracy theory"?

Because the business case for EAC supporting Linux is no different today than it was a month ago, with or without Epic. So the only reason people are arguing "it's because of Epic" is this weird conspiracy theory that these cartoon villians are deliberately trying to fuck with Linux users. Or are you telling me the business case for Linux has changed in a month?
So the business case didn't change, so it wasn't done for business reasons. But other reasons constitute cartoon villainy, believing in which would be weird conspiracy theory. So . . . it didn't happen, and EAC support for Linux is still intact? I dunno, when the only logical possibility you leave open is denial of reality, seems to me you need to revisit your logic. Maybe if you didn't overheat your descriptions so much, that would be easier to do.
So for instance, no, I think Smoke39 would say that Epic has a different view of business logic than the previous owners of EAC, and so having taken over they are applying their view. After all, it's clear that not every company, developer etc. has the same opinion about the business value of Linux support, or we wouldn't see some games supporting Linux and other games not doing so. No, we don't know that happened, but it's certainly not a bizarre speculation; new owners very often make policy changes.

Mind you, I personally am quite willing to believe in real people having some elements of cartoon-villainy. We see it more obviously in politicians, and businesses of course in theory are dedicated to non-cartoon villainy--pure selfishness at all costs, leavened by perceptions that too much anti-social behaviour could cause results that lower profits, but with no actual malice. But people apply logic to a pre-existing set of emotions, biases, a certain personal style. They may think their decision is just "business logic" and it may be consciously intended to maximize profits, but some people will persuade themselves that building community and maintaining a good reputation will maximize profits in the long term (even if maybe it won't) while others will persuade themselves that lying, cheating, stealing, and maximizing negative externalities (eg killing people with pollution) will maximize profits (even if maybe it won't).

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 6 May 2019 at 8:51 am UTC
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