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You might not remember Eco [Official Site], the in-development 'global survival game' where everything you do affects the environment. They have released a juicy new update with improved performance and some new features.

Here's trailer to refresh your memory:

The Linux download is currently a bit broken, as it's a Unity game, but instead of having a Data folder, the files all have names with "Eco_Data\" at the start, instead of being in the folder. Bit of a woops there by the developers, so I've let them know they need to fix it.

Once they fix that, I will look at giving it some more thoughts.

Anyway, the new version adds in:
- New effects for interacting with the environment
- New underwater effects
- Trees on the minimap are now batched, which should result in improved performance
- Improved performance of visibility checks for world chunks (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
- Pooled plant objects for faster instantiation (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
- Updated speedtree shaders to use instanced rendering. This should dramatically improve performance for most users, if their GPU supports it (DX11 / OpenGL 4.1)
- Oil is now a finite resource. Fixed numerous issues with harvesting oil with pumpjacks.
- Mouse sensitivity controls
- Bug fixes

They say Eco 5.5 will see a quick turn-around, with a promise of some more bigger features landing too.
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Purple Library Guy commented on 17 February 2017 at 9:02 pm UTC

Quote - Trees on the minimap are now batched, which should result in improved performance
When someone says something like this in this kind of context, I'm never sure whether they mean trees as in some kind of abstract branching logical structures in the code, or trees as in green leafy things which they have to render a lot of in the graphics.

Overlord commented on 19 February 2017 at 3:27 pm UTC

Another game about squashing bug!

Kithop commented on 3 March 2017 at 7:03 pm UTC

I wondered why I was able to play it fine on my Linux system, turns out it's because I used the command line 'unzip' utility, which automatically fixes this on extraction. Still an issue, of course, but it's easily worked around at least.

There's still bugs, of course (like the minimap not showing terrain), but it's otherwise playable!

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