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Thanks to PC Gamer we have been pointed to an interview that Tim Sweeney the founder of Epic Games did, and he's blasting Microsoft yet again.

What I do have issues with here, is that yet again a major developer is basically saying a PC is Windows (bold emphasis mine):
QuoteThe risk here is that, if Microsoft convinces everybody to use UWP, then they phase out Win32 apps. If they can succeed in doing that then it’s a small leap to forcing all apps and games to be distributed through the Windows Store. Once we reach that point, the PC has become a closed platform.

No, there is far more to the PC than Windows. I really wish developers would stop this ridiculous merging of the PC platform with Windows the operating system.

I don't honestly think Microsoft could ever stop Steam working, without Valve doing some kind of major lawsuit, but Mr Sweeney stated it has happened before:
QuoteSlowly, over the next five years, they will force-patch Windows 10 to make Steam progressively worse and more broken. They’ll never completely break it, but will continue to break it until, in five years, people are so fed up that Steam is buggy that the Windows Store seems like an ideal alternative. That’s exactly what they did to their previous competitors in other areas. Now they’re doing it to Steam. It’s only just starting to become visible. Microsoft might not be competent enough to succeed with their plan, but they’re certainly trying.

Also, for the amount of complaints Mr Sweeney has, maybe it's time for him to be productive about it and start moving his company towards an open platform. Anyone know an open platform? Lin-something? Oh yes, Linux, that's it. Linux gives you SteamOS too remember now.

Only Unreal Tournament (the new one) looks like it will have Epic's support and possibly not even officially. The Linux version has been seriously lagging behind the Windows version, repeatedly breaking with major graphical issues and it still has no launcher on Linux. It may still be early, but they don't seem like they're really putting any effort into it. Article taken from
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tuubi 30 Jul, 2016
Quoting: Kuduzkehpanwhat if they make games only runnable under windows if they are sold via windows store?
I don't think they'd ever go this far in their desktop OS, but they might add additional hoops for you to jump through to run "untrusted software". Like some setting somewhere in the control panel you need to check. As if the idiotic popups in W7 weren't annoying enough. (Haven't used 8 or 10 enough to remember if they were even more annoying.)

What I think they might do is make some of their future API's UWP only like the rumours said about DX12 before launch, but this won't happen until the platform is important enough for developers to care.
7IJ7o 30 Jul, 2016
Quoting: Comandante oardoIs this related with the Trusted Execution Technology of most intel CPUs?

Maybe, most members of this TCPA have their own names for trusted computing.

BTW The Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB; codenamed Palladium[1] and also known as Trusted Windows[2])

DRM - Digital rights management and trusted computing:

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7IJ7o 30 Jul, 2016
Quoting: Halifax
Quoting: metro2033fanboyIf that ever happens, Ill go full PS4,PS5 and STEAM indies


Completely off-topic, but I was 100% vegan for 1 year and 2 months.

Learned a lot, like how to make main courses that tasted good without meat or dairy, where to find good tofu in town. But one word of warning for heavy all-day coffee drinkers like myself, it hampered with my ability to absorb elemental (plant) iron - more than my vitamin C intake was making up for.

Now I'm a partial vegan, I still make all my vegan dishes, and I can go pure vegan for a 1-5 days on occasion. But I also swear by sardines and herring added to that, along with skim milk and eggs. And once in a great while going full "suicide by food" mode with brats/pizza/bacon etc - mainly out with friends.

I am vegetarian but not far away to become 100% vegan.

Something you should know:
1. 21,000,000 dairy calves are slaughtered for veal or cheap beef every year globally. (1)
2. Like all mammals, cows must give birth in order to make milk. Like human mothers, they carry their babies for nine months, then begin to lactate for the sole purpose of nourishing their young.
3. Due to extensive genetic manipulation, today’s dairy cows produce up to 12 times more milk than they would naturally produce to feed a calf. (2)
7IJ7o 30 Jul, 2016
Top 10 things Microsoft loves and hates about open source

And I am sure that Microsoft hates STEAM cause of SteamOS but
Gaming performance on Valve's SteamOS can't keep up with Windows

but Ubuntu 14.10 VS Windows 8.1 : Metro Last Light Redux Benchmark with a GTX 680

If games are optimized for OpenGL and Linux instead of a "crappy" port from Windows DX3D then games running better on linux. I really hope more and more people will switch to linux then the gaming industry and other, too will make better and native "stuff" for Linux.
But sadly is that there is still a myth going around that linux is not easy to install and you need to learn too much, etc. but it is not true at least ubuntu / linux mint is really simple to install and userfriendly.
I have switched to ubuntu at end of the year 2013 and now using linux mint and still happy and not missing windows any time. It is only sad that some games I can not play ( if the game is not a native linux game or at least working with wine then it is a no go :) but also it is sad that I can not fly to the moon and still I am living and be happy most of time :D

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Its criminal -- The Computer and Software Industry is very good in it that I would call -unethical competition- !
Mal 6 Aug, 2016

It's not that I just feel no compassion for Windows slaves. The thing is I'm amused every time they post their win10 update stories.
Seegras 15 Aug, 2016
Who ever gets into bed with Microsoft either ends up bought or dead.

So I'm not really feeling compassionate for Epic, as it isn't even trying to get out of Microsofts bed, as evidenced by their lacklustre Linux-support.
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