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Feral Interactive are teasing a new Linux port, time to start guessing

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If it wasn't enough that Feral Interactive are porting Life is Strange 2, Total War: WARHAMMER II and Total War: THREE KINGDOMS to Linux they're also teasing another new Linux port. They also only asked a few days ago to send port requests to them so they're really quite busy for us lately.

Popping up on their port teaser radar today was this "CRYPTIC OBSCURITY":

It's currently sat in the "Quite Soon" part of their radar, not that it really means all that much as it's very ambiguous but it is always a good bit of fun. I've said before how I hoped they would start announcing things sooner, looks like they're going to do so since they've announced multiple titles only in the last few months and now we're here again.

I honestly can't imagine what Linux gaming would be like without the titles Feral has ported, hope to see this continue for many years to come.

So grab your thinking caps, brew up something tasty and start your guessing.

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x_wing 16 Nov, 2018
Quoting: Comandante ÑoñardoConsidering that a windows game purchased on the Steam Linux client and played via Proton counts as a Linux sale, I wonder if Feral is getting their cut right now for Life is Strange 2 running on Proton, just because they have the publishing rights for Linux.

Once they announce the port, they get a part (at least that's what Liam said once).
The_Aquabat 16 Nov, 2018

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g000h 16 Nov, 2018
I wonder if this means that the next time Feral announces a Requestinator then they might have another title sitting in the pipeline.

As much as the Feral Radar clue is looking 100% for SotTR - I still remember the time that it looked like another clue was 100% Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.
preludelinux 16 Nov, 2018
hmm just a tad cryptic, saving the image and zooming in looks like letters / numbers an x and trees, almost looks like one of those CAPTCHA tests embedded in the image hehe . i would guess tomb raider , loading image in darktable and shifting contrast. looks like a chin of a face , face and eye . words i cant make out. nabillo and maggak well there words .. ??? possible more letters under the mac and linux symbols.
deathxxx 16 Nov, 2018
I already know that will be a Shadow of the Tomb Raider,
but i want to be SkyrimSE, or Elder Scrolls 6.
But also i know, they will never port SkyrimSE, because it will get fixed XAudio with FAudio( ) and SteamPlay.
Beamboom 16 Nov, 2018
Woot - no "stop wasting time and release the games faster" type posts? That's real progress, folks! :-D

And yeah this smells like Tomb Raider. Personally I'm hoping for a new AAA franchise but Lara is an obvious purchase.

Last edited by Beamboom on 16 November 2018 at 7:35 am UTC
Phlebiac 16 Nov, 2018
Quoting: Guestwatching OS/2 disappear when it basically became redundant

FWIW, OS/2 hasn't completely disappeared:
Kiba 16 Nov, 2018
I LOVE Feral, but the thing is i don't really like Total War series, and Tomb Raider 2013 was great but Rise was much worse imho.
I mean, they are doing God's work, but not with my favorite games sadly. I know that Bethesda wouldn't let Feral making a Fallot4 port, but SEGA has a lot of good games if you ask me, what about Sonic Racing games? Transformed is AWESOME, and the next one will be great too.
Marc Di Luzio 16 Nov, 2018
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Y'all need to be better sleuths...

Reverse tineye search:
Gives this 404 flickr page: "photos/20823146@N04/"
Googling that string however gives us "Lemurian Grove"'s since deleted flickr account.
A google image search for that "grove", however, gives us multiple matching images: I suspect this user took photos at the place in question.

Not much info is available about this "grove", but based on this soundcloud account we can make a guess they're in San Jose.

Finding anything related to Lemurian in San Jose points to [This "herbals" shop.](,-121.8869109,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x808e33ebffffffff:0x697e0f54567c32d9!8m2!3d37.2589827!4d-121.8847222)

Lemuria is also a lost land in the Indian or Pacific ocean, like Atlantis.

Based on all of this, I reckon the game in question is none other than the most cryptically obscure Weed Shop 2. With the Atlantis DLC.

I hope this helps.

For reals though that sleuthing (based on which articles the image search popped up) pointed to it being a photo of the Pusharo Petroglyphs in the Manu National Park, Peru.

Last edited by Marc Di Luzio on 16 November 2018 at 11:22 am UTC
Patola 16 Nov, 2018
Quoting: robvvNo more Warhammer please!
Let's agree to disagree.
And in my case, my disagreement comes in the form of using my wallet to reward Feral. ;)
It's super effective!
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