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Update: To be clear, they did not actually mean Deus Ex was going Vulkan. They misspoke a bit during the livestream and they aren't saying what game it will be yet.

Note: Article updated to be clearer, with the actual quote of what they said.

I didn't expect this so soon, but it looks like early next year we may have a Linux port from Feral Interactive that uses Vulkan.

Linux gamers! We just announced, live on Twitch, that we are looking towards Vulkan implementation in the first half of next year.

— Feral Interactive (@feralgames) October 27, 2016

They confirmed during the livestream that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will use OpenGL on Linux, but they also said:

QuoteWe can confirm that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Linux is using OpenGL, and we're very happy to announce that we are looking towards Vulkan implementation in the first half of next year.

So, while we are getting OpenGL for now, the possibility of Vulkan so soon is fun news.

Just remember though, Vulkan won't automatically gives us better performance. Like OpenGL it does depend on how it's used, how the original engine was designed and so on.

It will be interesting to see if Vulkan is added into any of their previous games, to see what difference it makes there. Could make for some fun benchmarking.

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sr_ls_boy 28 Oct, 2016
SgtRomeo9...I do feel its important to mention that Deus Ex Mankind Divided is using DirectX12 on Windows and the Mac version is running on Metal. The Linux version is the only one that is going to be running on old tech (OpenGL). Just thought I'd mention that aswell.

Feral never saw the DirectX12 code until they were well into development.
DirectX 12 support only went public in the first week of September.
johndoe86x 28 Oct, 2016
In the near future, I'd like to see Vulkan make use of multiple GPU's. Right now, the main reason I play the Linux titles I own in Windows is because of SLI support.

Don't worry, I know the rules on buying from the Linux platform and playing it for a week on there to make sure it counts as a Linux sale ;)
tuubi 28 Oct, 2016
STiATWe will continue to see it that way:
DX11 things will be ported to OpenGL
DX12 things will be ported to Vulkan
Maybe so, although the only reason for porting DX11 to OpenGL in the future might be the porters' existing shims and wrappers. And their inexperience with Vulkan I guess. OpenGL's feature list might be very similar to D3D 11's, but that doesn't mean they're a good match.
Purple Library Guy 28 Oct, 2016
BlackBloodRumMaybe now we will find out just how well Vulkan can really perform on wait hang on what OS? oh yeah. GNU/Linux!

Hold up, it's still going to be just a port. We will only truly know once a game has been built from the ground up for Vulkan.


I really hope I'm wrong but I doubt that Feral's Vulkan versions will have Doom level performances.

In order to have that kind of an impact Vulkan need to be implemented at the GAME ENGINE level, which Feral can't/won't do AFAIK (would be too costly probably). Almost all their ports currently using wrappers also indicate the same.

In other words the "Vulkan" version of the game will most likely benefit those gamers that have poor OpenGL performance (cough AMD owners) because of subpar drivers.

If I'm right NVIDIA users won't feel much perf difference between OpenGL and Vulkan, sadly

Far as I'm concerned it's not really about any of that. What it's about is:
--Feral showing that Vulkan is real and viable for real games that people really buy commercially and play
--Feral acquiring and demonstrating expertise with Vulkan, such that if anyone out there develops a Vulkan game initially for Windows only, Feral will be able to easily and cheaply tweak it for cross-platform use
--Same to a lesser extent for DX12 games, which by all accounts will be easier/better ports to Vulkan than to OpenGL

Basically, this move helps increase Vulkan's general viability and mindshare and the future efficiency of Linux ports and cross-platform development. It's not about whatever existing games they happen to port using Vulkan instead of or as well as OpenGL.
iuno 2 Nov, 2016
Hi guys,

I think this is the replay of the stream you all are talking about?
Could somebody who saw it live please tell the timestamp where they say that Deus Ex will be their first Vulkan title?

Thanks in advance
ellie_feral 3 Nov, 2016
iunoHi guys,

I think this is the replay of the stream you all are talking about?
Could somebody who saw it live please tell the timestamp where they say that Deus Ex will be their first Vulkan title?

Thanks in advance

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is using OpenGL! :)

We're looking towards Vulkan implementation in the first half of 2017, but we haven't named games. We'll let you know in due course what our first Vulkan game will be.
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