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Another rather interesting Kickstarter popped up recently, this time it's Ecosystem [Kickstarter] a simulation game about modifying an ecosystem and watching creatures evolve.

The developer is seeking $20K with over $7K already pledged, Linux support is fully planned and they have 24 days left to go, so it could easily reach the final goal. Check out the trailer:

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Ecosystem is a game about life and its interactions. At its heart are evolving virtual lifeforms, who grow from synthetic DNA and live in a physically-simulated ocean.

This synthetic DNA encodes everything about a creature, from skeletal structure to skin, from joint-types to mental processes. The genetic code of a creature can mutate, combine, be spliced with other species, and be directly modified by the player.

To swim, creatures don't just play an animation. They move like real sea-life, applying torque at their joints to push against the water in a way coordinated to propel themselves forward. Working within this physical simulation, evolution can produce an enormous variety of body shapes and swimming styles.

You can play by yourself and also play it online and manage an ecosystem with a friend, not only that you can also share your most interesting finds in an online database.

The developer says a lot of the core features like virtual DNA, evolution and physically-based swimming are already implemented, however they need the Kickstarter funds to continue developing it and get it playable as soon as possible.

The developer has already proven themselves, with their previous game Enemy already on Steam with Linux support and it's postively rated, so that's a great sign.

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TheRiddick 19 March 2018 at 1:26 pm UTC
A world where sea life all has cardboard fins and suffer from severe retardation. Interesting.
razing32 19 March 2018 at 1:49 pm UTC
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  • Supporter
Hope it gets more polish before final release.
Those creatures look like rejects that can't survive on life support let alone struggling for survival on their own.
GustyGhost 19 March 2018 at 5:56 pm UTC
I've been looking for a good solution to set up a virtual "fish tank" with some of my old hardware. Achilles is not visually exciting while Species ALRE and 3DVCE were foolishly only made for windows. As long as Ecosystem isn't going to be locked into anything like Steam, it should be perfect!
Tchey 19 March 2018 at 9:25 pm UTC
The previous game, Enemy, is a hidden gem, a truly excellent tactical game, with Time Units (Xenonauts) instead of the shallow Move/Action (new XCom), and organic covers (everything can be a cover, based on line of sight). Shields block based on the very same idea. Mostly everything i destroyable, so you can hit a wall to collapse a roof on your target's head, and so on.

He also released an update this week, allowing for Steam Workshop, and it seems the game is easy to mod.

Sadly it's "old" (2015), and "ugly" (pixelated voxel), and the name "Enemy" is terribly generic, and the com was based upon the universe (play with Mario/Shinobi/etc world and enemies) instead of the gameplay, so i think many players didn't even see it. Myself, i saw it only last year.

I did a few videos about 5 months ago (in french :, and will do a new one soon, as i started to play it again a few days ago.
silmeth 19 March 2018 at 10:13 pm UTC
Looks a little bit like Framsticks – a software written by my old university lecturer – for evolution simulation. But with nicer graphics and UI that does not require you to have a degree in CS and to learn its scripting language and internal “DNA” representation to operate it. ;-)

Might be interesting to play with.

Last edited by silmeth at 19 March 2018 at 10:14 pm UTC
Patola 20 March 2018 at 8:05 am UTC
TcheyThe previous game, Enemy, is a hidden gem, a truly excellent tactical game, with Time Units (Xenonauts) instead of the shallow Move/Action (new XCom)
I disagree that it is shallow. Being a fan of turn-based games, having played the original XCOMs a lot and also XCOM 2012 and XCOM 2 and of course Xenonauts (not counting tactical rpgs like wasteland 2 and shadowrun), I think the move/action scheme is just a streamlining of the time units idea. It's as valid as time units, and although it is more limiting per nature, its inherent certainty allows different ways to strategize your movements. I consider both approaches valid (and equally deep), having no prejudices against either one.
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